Guyana requests 200 slave nurses from Cuba despite invasion threat by Venezuela

Maduro rattles his saber

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Century Neoslavery with some assistance from our Bureau of Latrine American Wars of Conquest

Even though Venenozuela could launch a war of conquest against Guyana in the near future, the former British Colony is seeking to import 200 nurses from Venenozuela’s chief ally in the region. Chances are that if Venenozuela launches an invasion, Cuban military “advisers” will be deeply involved, but Guyanan authorities seem oblivious to this possibility.

The presence of Cuban slave nurses could make for a messy situation if war breaks out, as seems likely. The British Navy has sent a already sent a warship to Guyana and Venezuela has responded by deploying troops to the Guyanan border and staging military exercises.

Guyana also seems oblivious to the fact that Castrogonia’s health care system is collapsing due to its own shortage in medical personnel, medications, and equipment. But this request will most probably be fulfilled by Castro, Inc., which is already providing the requested nurses with English lessons.

From The Jamaica Observer

Guyana on Friday said it will seek to recruit 200 nurses from Cuba next year as the country moves to deal with a shortage of locally trained nurses .

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony, speaking at an end of year news conference, told reporters that 80 Cuban nurses had been recruited this year to help ease the shortage and that the ministry will next year try to recruit more while simultaneously reducing the workload of nurses in the system.

“As you know, we have a problem with attrition of nurses,” Dr Anthony said, noting however that several solutions are being pursued, including recruiting 200 nurses from Cuba, who should be in Guyana early 2024.

“In the past we weren’t bringing a lot of nurses [from Cuba], we were bringing more doctors but now we have asked the Cuban government for more nurses,” Dr Anthony told reporters.

The health authorities said that a three-month crash course is being done to help Spanish-speaking nurses from Cuba integrate better locally.

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