Some Cubans greet 2024 by burning an effigy of ‘president’ Díaz-Canel

From our Bureau of Meaningful But Dangerous Quixotic Gestures

Happy New Year! Risking arrest and imprisonment, a group of Cubans set aflame an image of Trucutú Díaz-Canel last night. The event was posted on social media and has been attracting some attention. The image is blurry, but the message is clear enough.

From The East Africa News Post

Some Cubans concluded 2023 by burning an effigy inspired by the ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel They left him a private message.

In Cuba The tradition of burning an effigy at the end of the year To put an end to the bad and attract happiness in the new cycle that begins.

A group of Cubans prepared their doll for New Year’s Eve and placed a message in its hands for the regime and the world: “Diaz-Canel, Singao”.

The brief text carried by the doll is an example of the rejection felt by thousands of people on the island towards the ruler, whom they directly accuse of poverty, scarcity and citizen insecurity in the country.

The burning of Díaz-Canel in effigy is also a reminder of the lies told by the president at the end of 2022, when he promised that next year would be better. However, 2023 ended up being one of the worst for all sectors of the Cuban economy and society.

Not only did Díaz-Canel fail to deliver on his promises, he ended the year by intensifying the austerity policies imposed on the people, which translates into an increase in the prices of goods and services, more inflation, and more uncertainty and shortages.