Is a purge on the way in Cuba? Raul Castro asks ‘tired’ oligarchs to resign

Don’t you love the smell of purges in the morning?

From our Sweet Smell of Purges Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Thinly Veiled Threats

King Raul Castro — 92 and still very much on the throne — has just declared that due to the seriousness of the challenges currently faced by “the Revolution”, the time has come for change in Castrogonia’s oligarchy. Observing that there is no room for slackers at the top of the hierarchy, the aging monarch has signaled a need for new leaders.

Is a purge on the way? Probably. Get ready for heads to roll. The King has spoken. And he has also recently taken to screaming at the National Assembly.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

Former Cuban ruler Raúl Castro asked leaders who have become “tired” or “are not up to the task demanded by the moment,” to resign from their positions and hand them over to those willing to assume their tasks.

On Monday, January 1, at the commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the Revolution, Raúl said that the so-called historical generation had confidence in those who today hold leadership responsibilities in the Party, the Government and other organizations.

“Those who, due to insufficient capacity, lack of preparation or simply because they are tired, are not up to the task required by the moment, must give their place to another colleague willing to take on the task,” he warned.

The old general called on all cadres to meditate every day on what more can be done to justify the trust and support of their compatriots, even in the midst of so many needs.

“To not be naïve or triumphalist, to avoid bureaucratic responses and any manifestation of routine and insensitivity, to find realistic solutions with what we have, without dreaming that something is going to fall from the sky,” he said.

“If the current challenges and difficulties are great, the work of the revolution is greater,” he added.

Days before, during the session of the National Assembly, the old leader shouted at the president of the body, Esteban Lazo, to ask the deputies for “a round of applause” for the Minister of Industry Eloy Álvarez Martínez, because this organization “has contributed a lot to the Armed Forces”.

“And stand up!” He ordered, after which the deputies rose from their seats and applauded Álvarez Martínez for a long time.

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