Happy National Spaghetti Day! Thank God if you are not in Cuba

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Do you like Spaghetti? If so, today is your day to celebrate. But keep in mind that a dish as relatively simple as Spaghetti is now a luxury in Cuba, available only to oligarchs and Cubans with generous relatives in the “diaspora.”

Currently, a plate of spaghetti can cost over 1000 pesos in Cuba ($42 USD). The average salary in Cuba is 4,000 pesos a month (about $166 USD). Imagine spending 25% of your monthly salary on the dish above. And then imagine the quality issue. How likely is it that it will look like the plate above, or taste like it?

Oddly enough, one news outlet has decided to point out this situation to the world. Stories such as this are very, very rarely seen in any of the world’s news media. Three cheers for the story below.

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Today, December 4, is celebrated as National Spaghetti Day, a day dedicated to indulging in this delicious pasta. While the origins of this holiday are not entirely clear, it is a popular day for lovers of Italian cuisine in the United States. However, in Cuba, the celebration of this holiday is not as feasible due to the scarcity and high prices of spaghetti.

Spaghetti has become a luxury item in Cuba, with prices soaring in both private and state-run stores. It was once an affordable staple for ordinary citizens, but economic measures have made it increasingly difficult to access. In private restaurants, a plate of spaghetti can cost over 1000 pesos ($42 USD), making it a luxury item for many.

The celebration of National Spaghetti Day in Cuba seems like a distant possibility as the food prices continue to rise. While international and national diners may enjoy indulging in this classic dish, in Cuba, it remains a luxury that many cannot afford. As prices continue to rise, the future celebration of this holiday in Cuba remains uncertain.

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