Mexico supplied Cuba with $391 million worth of oil in 2023

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No doubt about it, in 2023 Mexico’s hyper-leftist government kept Castro, Inc. on life support, and did so more intensely than any of its other Sugar Daddies. The cost of this largesse to Mexico is unknown. All we know is that 5.4 million barrels of oil were shipped, but no information is available on how much Castro, Inc. has paid, or even whether it has paid anything at all for this oil. So it goes. The parasite has been kept alive once again, despite all of its own efforts to bring Cuba to total ruin.

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Oil supplies from Mexico to Cuba during 2023 were an essential lifeline for the Island, which nevertheless experienced an aggravated fuel shortage, with two moments of extreme crisis in April and September.

These shipments seem to be sustained in the short term: right now the tankers Vilma, belonging to the military business conglomerate, GAESA, and Ocean Mariner, are waiting to load fuel in the Mexican ports of Pajaritos and Tampico, respectively.

“To date, Cuba and Mexico have not made public the contractual and payment terms and conditions of the agreement by which Cuba received in 2023 an estimated 5.4 million barrels (annual average of 22,000 barrels per day) of crude oil. and refined products, with an estimated value of 391 million dollars,” Jorge Piñón, researcher at the Energy Institute of the University of Texas, told DIARIO DE CUBA.

But, he points out, “how much longer can this advantageous ‘cash flow-free’ agreement continue? What will happen to it after the June 2024 presidential elections in Mexico?”

The shipments from Mexico became substitutes for the promised and unfulfilled agreement signed by Havana with Rosneft, in Russia.

As Piñón points out, “web services tracking the movement of tankers have not shown any oil tankers that have arrived in Cuba from Russian ports in 2023.

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  1. When I see AMLO, I don’t see him but rather the people who put him in power, who are presumably a majority of Mexico’s electorate. It is impossible for me not to hold them in contempt. He absolutely reeks.

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