Former members of Cuba’s Armed Forces call for the ‘overthrow of the current parasitic mafia regime’

11 July 2021: Do NOT repeat. Do NOT follow orders. Do NOT side with the dictatorship.

From our Bureau of Proposals for Seismic Shifts in Socialist Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

Wow. Our above-mentioned Bureau might be wrong, but, as far as it’s concerned, nothing like this has ever popped up before during the past 65 years. It boils down to this: Ex-members of Castro, Inc.’s armed forces are calling on Castrogonia’s military to use their weapons to PROTECT Cubans if ordinary citizens launch an uprising against the military junta that has run the country since 1959.

Wow. This will probably amount to nothing — since a popular uprising seems unlikely — but just imagine if there is another mass protest like July 11 and the goon squads sent to crush the protest were to join the protest instead of crushing it. Wow. Wow. Wow. Ñiió !

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Cuban Movement of Military Conscientious Objectors, made up of former officers of the Armed Forces (FAR) and the Ministry of the Interior (MININT), asked the FAR to protect the population with their weapons, not to shoot at them, in an alleged scenario of rebellion.

“In 2024 there is the possibility of a new dawn for our country or the beginning of an even darker stage than those we have known until today,” said the former soldiers in a statement published by the Cuba Siglo 21 ideas laboratory.

“The Communist Party of Cuba does not govern as declared in Article 5 of the Constitution. A new oligarchic class – which with GAESA controls 70% of national wealth and 95% of financial transactions – has appropriated real power and has turned their back on the basic needs of food, health, housing, education, public order and other essentials that this Constitution formally protects,” they added.

The former soldiers pointed out that “the Cuban people suffer from the totalitarian dictatorship of a mafia, parasitic and irresponsible oligarchy that only defends its interests” and that, after 11J, has “encouraged a constant exodus in the hope of getting rid of pockets of rebellion, but The persistence of the protests shows that they will not be able to prevent new social explosions”, already “inevitable in this dysfunctional and collapsed system”.

“We know that those close to the central core of this new oligarchic elite are convinced that Raúl Castro will die in 2024. We also learned that they are already evaluating alternatives to liquidate any potential leader who may stand in the way of their aspiration to maintain control of power,” they said. in his message to the FAR.

According to the former soldiers, “the Military Counterintelligence (CIM) has always been the favorite institution of the oligarchic elite for these conspiracies” and “there are some corrupt and genuflecting commanders, willing to neutralize anyone who hinders the aspirations of the Castro Espín family and its partners —whether in the FAR, MININT, PCC or GAESA”.