Cuban dictatorship announces 500% hike in fuel prices, 25% hike in electric bills

Cars line up for gasoline in Havana

From our Bureau of Internal Blockades with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice

Talk about blockades! Castro, Inc. has just intensified its blockade against the Cuban people by making fuel and electricity unaffordable. O, the many blessings of living in a communist utopia. This price hike will affect everyone in so many ways. Unbelievable.

From the masters of understatement at the BBC

The Cuban government has announced a five-fold increase in fuel prices as it struggles with shortages and a deepening economic crisis.

It said that from February the price of a litre of petrol would rise from from 25 pesos ($0.20; £0.16) to 132 pesos.

The government, which subsidises many goods, hopes this will help to reduce its deficit. It is the latest measure making life more difficult for cash-strapped Cubans.

Finance minister Vladimir Regueiro said the cost of diesel and other types of fuel would face similar mark-ups. He also announced a 25% increase in electricity prices for major consumers in residential areas, as well has hikes in costs for natural gas.

Mr Regueiro said the government would also open 29 new petrol stations which will solely accept payment in US dollars in order to raise foreign currency to purchase fuel on the international markets. “These measures are aimed at reviving our economy,” Mr Regueiro told state television on Monday.

Last month, economy minister Alejandro Gil said that Cuba’s communist government could no longer sell fuel at subsidised prices, emphasising it was the “cheapest in the world”.

But economics professor Omar Everleny Pérez told AFP news agency that while petrol in Cuba may be cheap by global standards, when compared with salaries in the country it was “very expensive”.

He added that the new price structure would affect “the whole of society”. In a nation where few people own vehicles, the rise in the cost of petrol pushes hopes of car ownership even further away.

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  1. Paging the “diaspora”! Paging the “diaspora”! STAT!

    And yes, the regime knows ordinary Cubans cannot afford ever-rising costs on their own. Ka-ching!

    But, no matter how blatant the extortion is, it’s practically a perfect crime: the “diaspora” will send as much money as it can, and no one can do a damn thing to stop the racket as long as the regime is in power.

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