Cuban dictatorship presents Interpol with list of Cuban exile activists it deems ‘terrorists’

Alexander Otaola, Ana Olema, Eliecer Ávila, and Jorge Ramón Batista (Ultrack)

As ridiculous and idiotic as the ploy may be, the communist Castro dictatorship isn’t giving up on its comical efforts to intimidate and silence Cuban human rights and democracy activists in exile. After publishing a list of Cuban exiles the regime has labeled as “terrorists” because they call for the end of communist tyranny in Cuba, the Castro regime is now trying to enlist the help of Interpol in the hopes they’ll add some credibility so we’ll stop laughing at them.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Regime gives Interpol its ‘National Terrorists List’

The Cuban regime is said to have handed over its so-called “National Terrorists List” to Interpol, as reported by journalist Hernando Calvo Ospina in an article published on Cubadebate.

Although the article does not provide additional information on the subject, it asserts the list is now in the hands of Interpol, a maneuver through which the Cuban regime would attempt to instill fear among the “identified” individuals.

“Yes, I have verified it: the Cuban Government delivered to the International Criminal Police Organization, better known as Interpol, the Resolution of the Ministry of the Interior published in the Official Gazette on December 7, 2023. The police entity, which includes 196 countries, received the National List of individuals and entities that have been subject to criminal investigations and are sought by Cuban authorities,” states Calvo Ospina. Throughout the article, he reviews some of the actions taken outside of Cuba to end the regime of the Castro brothers.

Similarly, the author accuses the United States of staying aloof from the alleged terrorist acts committed against the Caribbean country and mentions the supposed complicity of federal agencies such as the FBI in many of them.

Hernando Calvo Ospina points out that among others, individuals listed in the “National List of Terrorists” include Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, Eliecer Ávila, Yamila Betancourt García, Liudmila Santiesteban Cruz, Manuel Milanés Pizonero, Alain Lambert Sánchez (Cuban Paparazzi), Jorge Ramón Batista Calero (Ultrack), and Alexander Otaola.

“The objectives pursued are the same as those of the so-called ‘historical exile,’ only the method has changed. Both sides have a common mark: they use terrorist methods,” expresses the author.

At the moment, it is unknown what protocol Interpol will employ, if any, to process the mentioned exiles. It should be noted that a person sought by the Cuban regime could only be extradited to the island if there is an extradition treaty between that nation and the Caribbean country.

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  1. Technically every single person born in Cuba and living aboard without the explicit permission of the Cuban government mafia is an enemy of the state and thus a terrorist.

    Can I get my name on that list? It would be an honor. I would go down in history as having tried to stop the criminal activity. I don’t think I will have any statute erected but if I do I sure don’t want them taken down due to neglect in speaking against communism.

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