Cuban dictatorship steadily reducing access Cubans have to their beaches and coastline

From our Bureau of Blatant But Highly Admired Apartheid with some assistance from our ever-busy Bureau of Socialist Social Justice

Aaaah, the wonders of Latrine American socialism! Castro, Inc. is making it increasingly difficult for Cubans to access the island’s coast and beaches, declaring many of these spaces “special zones” that are off limits to Cubans. What about foreigners, you ask, are these “special zones” off limits to them too? What a stupid question. Of course not. Is Castro, Inc. worried that this might give the world a negative impression of the so-called “Revolution”? Of course not. That is a doubly stupid question.

This move by Castro, Inc. is all about two intertwined objectives of the Revolution which are always praised by the world at large. Number one is keeping Cuba socialist. Number two is paying for free education and healthcare with money derived from apartheid tourism. Never mind the crappy healthcare and poisonous brainwashing that passes for education. Cubans are savages. The “Revolution” is the best thing that ever happened to them.

Babalú has some advice for Castro, Inc. Why don’t you create your own version of South African apartheid signs? Allow us to suggest a possible design. See below:

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

In November 2023, the Government approved a rule that limits the access and enjoyment of Cubans to the beaches and coasts of the Island. This is Decree-Law 77, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic, which claims to recognize the public nature of these spaces and the right to use them free of charge. In practice, this right is subordinated to the interests of the military conglomerate GAESA, which controls the tourism sector in Cuba.

Article 29 of the decree law establishes that “the use of the coastal zone is free, public and free for common uses in accordance with its nature, except in areas designated or of interest to defense, security and internal order, port facilities, protected areas with strict management categories, goods production and scientific facilities, and maritime signals.

This rule would not be a cause for concern if the Council of State of Cuba had not approved in 2015 Decree-Law 331, called “On areas with special regulations”, which allows affecting constitutional rights such as those of “socialist property of the entire people” on those spaces —recognized in Article 23 of the Magna Carta—, as well as those of mobility and use.

Since that date, by agreements of the Council of Ministers based on that rule, several Cuban beaches and coastal areas have been declared “special zones.” Among these are Cayo Saetía, in the municipality of Mayarí, in Holguín; the waters surrounding the northern keys of Isla de la Juventud; the southern coast of Sancti Espíritus called Costa Sur; the northern keys of Villa Clara, the southern coast of the province of Cienfuegos, and the northern keys of Ciego de Ávila, just to mention a few.

The limitations established in that decree law restrict the access of Cubans to the spaces, but not that of foreigners, and translate into discriminatory treatment for nationals.

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3 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship steadily reducing access Cubans have to their beaches and coastline”

  1. Perfectly reasonable: natives generate no real money and are a drain on resources. Thus, any location that can be developed for tourists for profit will be used as such in lieu of what the savages may want or need.

  2. What’s sad is that I’m not shocked by this. I thought that this would happen. In fact, I bet that they’ll ban the Cuban People from the beaches entirely one day. Too many people escaping into the sea, thus too many people whom they want to suffer not suffering. The Cuban Government HATES the Cuban People. In fact, I won’t be shocked if they make the Cuban people pay for their “healthcare” and “education” while keeping it as awful as ever.

  3. On vacation trips to the Caribbean, I would observe that island nation’s or Central American nation’s most lovely natural resource such as a beach, river or forest would be turned into a resort. It would be fenced off and a fee required to enter. The fee would be reasonable for an American but out of reach for the locals. I always felt that there was something morally wrong with this practice. An evil or defect in the free market economy. Now Cuba is doing the same or even worse since the upper class of these little nations were allowed to enter the park. So for what benefit does communism exists? You get all the bad without any of the good.

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