Cuban town’s water supply contaminated by mounting piles of uncollected garbage

Cuba’s communist dictatorship has enough resources to build apartheid hotels and fund its State Security apparatus, but not enough to pick up garbage. The diversion of cash and resources to finance the tourist industry and keep the Castro family dictatorship in power has left trash is piling up in Havana and towns across the island. It is an environmental disaster in the making, which has already contaminated the water supply in the Havana borough of Arroyo Naranjo.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Trash surrounds and contaminates the Arroyo Naranjo aqueduct

Residents of the Havana municipality of Arroyo Naranjo are facing a serious health crisis due to the unsanitary conditions of the local aqueduct. The water, described by residents as “green from so much decay,” poses serious health risks.

The alarming scenario was confirmed by several neighbors, who also provided photographs showing the surrounding dumps, contaminating the immediate area of the dam that supplies water to the region.

The situation in Arroyo Naranjo has significantly deteriorated, with tons of garbage accumulating around the aqueduct. The waste not only compromises the water quality but also poses an imminent environmental danger. Images sent to the editorial office of Periódico Cubano reveal the magnitude of the problem, showing mountains of waste near the water source that are visible even on Google Maps.

Concerned about their health and well-being, the community has expressed dissatisfaction and fear over this situation. Contaminated water is not only a risk to human health but also affects the hygiene and quality of life of the entire region. The presence of landfills around the perimeter of the fence bordering the dam is a clear violation of the sanitary and environmental standards of the government that manages the company.

“The response to this crisis by Naranjo authorities is yet to be seen. So far, they have not made any statements about it, even though the garbage reaches the rear wall of the Capri police station, which is in front of the aqueduct,” wrote an anonymous source to our editorial office.

The residents of Arroyo Naranjo expect immediate actions to resolve this critical situation. Cleaning up the landfills and purifying the water from the aqueduct are urgent measures that need to be implemented to avoid greater risks to public health.

The water in the reservoirs can turn green when contaminated with chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides, which can disrupt the ecological balance and promote the growth of algae. In this case, rainwater falling on the garbage washes the chemical components of the waste into the soil, which then seep into the groundwater connected to the nearby reservoir.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially in shallow ponds, can also accelerate the growth of algae. The lack of water circulation in the pond can lead to anoxic conditions (low oxygen), favoring the growth of algae and bacteria.

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  1. Oh, the savages just need to practice more “resistencia’ (against the “blockade” of course).

    The regime will never prioritize ordinary Cubans over its own interests, especially its survival.

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