It’s time to move on

On Monday, former President Trump will win Iowa and later New Hampshire. The pundits will have fun with whoever comes in number 2, but it’s over. The race is over. It’s time to aim the missiles at the Democrats, whether it’s President Biden or someone else.

Why do I say that? Well, let’s look at the President’s approval numbers. This is from ABC News:  

Among all adults, Biden’s approval rating is just 33% in this poll, worse than Trump’s low as president (36%) and the lowest since George W. Bush from 2006-2008. Fifty-eight percent disapprove of Biden’s work.

Among groups, just 31% of women now approve of Biden’s work in office, a new low (as do 34% of men). He won 57% of women in 2020.

He’s at 28% approval among independents, a customary swing voter group; a low of 32% among moderates; and a low of 41% among college graduates, 10 points off his career average in that group.

Further, Biden’s approval rating is 21 points below average among Black people and 15 points below average among Hispanic people, compared with 6 points among white people; more Black people, in particular, offer no opinion.

There’s a striking difference among Black people by age in their views of Biden: He has an approval rating of 65% among Black people age 50 and up, dropping sharply to 32% among Black people younger than 50. Age gaps are not apparent among white or Hispanic people.

Poor Joe — no one is happy. As with President Carter back in 1980, it’s obvious to me that voters want a change. They not only see President Biden as too old but, more importantly, incapable of governing or running a country. Not knowing that his Secretary of Defense was in ICU probably does not make him look good at a time when nothing looks good.

Yes, I will admit that I thought that Governor DeSantis looked like a better candidate six months ago. But the stars are aligning around President Trump and crashing around the incumbent in the Oval Office.

Stop the campaigns and let’s look ahead to a big night in November.

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