Video of the Day: The Havana Cartel: The Cuban dictatorship’s 60-year history of drug trafficking

The communist Castro dictatorship has been using drug trafficking to fund its tyrannical regime, destabilize the region, and hurt the U.S. for more than 6 decades. The sooner the U.S. and the world recognize the Cuban regime for the international criminal organization that it is, the sooner they can be stopped.

Read more at the Center for a FREE Cuba.

3 thoughts on “Video of the Day: The Havana Cartel: The Cuban dictatorship’s 60-year history of drug trafficking”

    • Yes, that is correct. The US has no interest in rocking the boat. They have Cuba exactly where they want them. Poor, ineffective and posing no threat to US navigation in the Gulf or through the Panama Canal. You could say that Fidel, Raul and Diaz are all assets of the CIA doing work to prevent Cuba from being a “problem” for the USA.

      Can you imagine what Russian or Chinese high ranking military say in their reports?

      “We can’t establish a base in Cuba. They have no reliable electricity, fuel, supplies, food, water, or sanitation. Neither do they have supplies. We would have to provide all of it ourselves. If we do supply all of our needs, the Cuban support stage will steal us blind. We would need to bring our own staff even down to the cleaning staff. Nope, it will not work. The only thing the Cubans can provide for us is “putas” and even those are inferior since they speak street Spanish that nobody can understand and speak neither Russian nor Mandarin.”

  1. While living overseas I ran across a high end Cuban Cigar store. Although located in city central it was always empty. I would walk by it every morning and afternoon during my daily commute to work. The thought came to me that it was likely being used for some nefarious Cuban government purpose. So laundering drug money sounds very likely.

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