Shocking! Five-Star Cuban apartheid hotel disappoints Canadian tourists

Luxury bathroom at Grand Memories Varadero

From our Annals of Apartheid Tourism Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Dream Holidays in Socialist Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

Can you believe this? Another dream holiday ruined for a Canadian family. You’d think by now every Canadian would know that Castro, Inc.’s apartheid hotels and resorts are truly awful. But no. It seems there are still millions of Canadians who choose to spend good money on disappointing — and sometimes dangerous — Cuban vacations. Aaaah, the travails of morally bankrupt travelers . . . What kind of world is this, when dictatorships don’t respect the lives of the tourists that help keep it in power? Advice to Castro, Inc: Superior beings need toilet seats, carajo!

Grand Memories Varadero

From CBC News Calgary

A relaxing vacation in Cuba was what Jeff Phelps thought he was signing up for when he booked a 20th wedding anniversary trip with Sunwing.

That’s not what they got when they arrived at the Grand Memories Varadero, listed as a 4.5-star facility, during the holidays.

The family opened the door to the room and “the first thing that comes out at us is this cockroach,” Phelps said from Calgary, telling the story a week later.

“And it just gets worse from there. The toilet seat is missing, something has eaten the side of the bed.”

CBC News spoke to multiple people who booked recent stays at that resort through various vacation sites. They all detailed similar experiences with unsanitary rooms, missing items and broken amenities.

Now, they’re trying to get answers from the travel companies.

When the Phelps family tried to move rooms, the front desk said there were no others available.

Eventually, they were moved to another room — with a toilet seat — but Phelps said the problems didn’t stop. Activities and buffets were closed, the alcohol they paid for in the room wasn’t there and the iron was missing.

The travellers say trip brokers — like Sunwing, Air Canada and SellOffVacations — should bear some responsibility for selling stays at resorts that clients feel don’t meet basic health and safety standards.

“They should have some kind of checkpoint meeting or a review of those resorts on a regular basis and provide that feedback to the parent company. And that, to me, is why I hold someone accountable. They took my money. They should know what I’m buying,” Phelps said.

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3 thoughts on “Shocking! Five-Star Cuban apartheid hotel disappoints Canadian tourists”

  1. These fatuous collaborators with evil deserve no end of mockery and contempt, but this scenario is beyond tiresome. Yes, they’re being ripped off, but not just by Castro, Inc. The tour operators and travel agencies know the score, but they’re simply out to make money, and they also know Canadians are practically begging to be suckered. Thus, if people insist in being stupid, they should pay for it.

  2. Good, they deserve it. You know who DOESN’T deserve being screwed over? The ordinary Cuban people. They deserve so much better. I’m going to save my sympathy for them, instead of wasting it on stupid at best and racist at worst Canadians who go to Cuba and complain about the food that goes to them instead of the Cuban People.

  3. I just feel bad for the Cuban people. I don’t feel bad for moronic foreigners who decide to go to Cuba and then complain about stupid things.

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