Number of Cubans fleeing to U.S. is three times larger than number of births on the island

Cubans seeking legal entry to U.S. at government office in Mexico

From our Bureau of Very Revealing Demographic Statistics with some assistance from our Bureau of Weaponized Migration

The math involved is very simple. The article below has all the staggering figures. The bottom line is this: during the past two calendar years 2022 and 2023, at least 450,304 Cubans have fled to the U.S. That is nearly half a million Cubans. And this figure doesn’t include the tens of thousands of Cubans who have fled to countries other than the U.S.

Here is one amazing statistic: In December 2022, some 44,079 Cubans entered the United States while only 8,260 were born on the Island.

But it’s not just an issue of migrants outnumbering live births. The number of Cubans who have arrived in the United States in recent years is equivalent to the population of entire provinces of the Island. A recent study has put it this way: “These figures represent more than 4% of the Cuban population, which is equivalent to emptying entire provinces in just two years.”

Such figures delight the oligarchs of Castro, Inc., who have mastered the art of weaponized migration Fewer mouths to feed, fewer children to indoctrinate, fewer sick people to mistreat and ignore, fewer unhappy Cubans to police, arrest, and imprison.

And –best of all — just imagine how many dollars will be flowing into Castro, Inc.’s coffers through the remittances sent by half a million Cubans in the U.S. and how many Yo-Yos will be flocking back to the island bearing gifts and paying for vacations at Castro, Inc.’s hotels and resorts.

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The number of Cubans who arrived in the United States in 2022 is more than triple the number of births reported by the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) during that year on the Island.

In all of 2022, 321,704 Cubans entered the United States, according to statistics from that country’s Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP). In that same period, the MINSAP registered 95,211 newborns, according to the last published Health Statistical Yearbook. That is, the birth rate only replaced 30% of the Cubans who arrived in the US in 2022.

The aforementioned Yearbook does not include information on births in 2023, but does present a series of data from previous years. In 2021, for example, 98,956 children were born in Cuba, a figure that almost doubles the number of Cuban nationals who arrived in the United States that year (54,818).

If we take into account the 128,600 Cubans who entered the United States between January 1 and November 30, 2023 (the statistics for December have not yet been published), the number of emigrants to that country between 2022 and 2023 would rise to 450,304. But not even adding all those born on the Island between 2019 and 2022 (408,644) would there be a demographic replacement.

That is, in just two years (2022 and 2023) more Cubans arrived in the United States than all those who were born on the Island in the last four years. The migration crisis that began at the end of 2021 with the elimination of the visa requirement for Cubans to enter Nicaragua has abruptly reduced the country’s population.

There were months that were catastrophic in demographic terms. In December 2022, for example, some 44,079 Cubans entered the United States while only 8,260 were born on the Island.

The precariousness of the situation is even greater if we take into account that thousands of people have emigrated to other countries, but there are no general statistics on these migratory flows.

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  1. It may be that the ruling elite knows this is ultimately unsustainable, but they simply want to make as much profit as possible (safely stashed or invested abroad) before things fall apart, then just bail out to enjoy their lives as rich people. They cannot be as stupid as they might appear–parasitic, yes, but not stupid.

  2. I’m shocked that they want people to migrate. You’d think sadists like the Cuban Government Officials would want to force people to stay in order to make sure that they suffered under their cruel and sadistic rule. That’s probably why Fidel didn’t let people leave.

  3. Actually, Cuba has always used “exile” to relieve the pressure on the regime. It prefers that to executions and building more gulags. I suppose it is due to a shortage of building supplies and bullets.

    Look at the above photo. See any little children or retired folks? The people leaving Cuba are in their prime. They are health, motivated and confident of being able to start a new life. The type of people you need to make your nation productive. Instead, Cuba keeps the children and the old folks thus further draining its meager resources. The whole problem with communism is that they do not allow people to be productive. This is why it fails. You are correct in that they prefer to control, annoy and abuse people or “jodiendo”.

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