Cuban dictatorship ramps up efforts to deny shocking increase in crime

From our Bureau of Unease and Discomfort at the Ministry of Truth

Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth has been working overtime lately as a crime wave sweeps through Cuba. Reports of murders, assaults, thefts, robberies, rapes, and vandalism, are definitely on a steep upward trajectory on social media and diaspora news sites. Criminal gangs are being formed, too. But Castro, Inc. is doing its best to deny the veracity of these reports through its own websites and official publications.

One of its latest creations is the website Fake News vs. Cuba, at which reports of crimes are “exposed” as falsehoods. Hard truth is hard to deny, but Castro, Inc. has been doing it for 65 years. Why stop now?

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias

During the last few months, the rates of violence on the island have skyrocketed, coupled with terrible actions by the Police, Cuban residents in several provinces of the country told Martí Noticias this Tuesday.

“Things are happening that are getting out of hand, there is a very large level of desperation in the population, criminal acts are increasing,” said Vladimir Ríos Cruz, regarding the debate generated by the discovery of the body of a woman in the San Agustín neighborhood, in the capital municipality of La Lisa.

After residents of the area reported what happened on social media, the official Fake News vs Cuba page denied that it was a murder and stated that the victim had committed suicide.

However, the independent platforms Yo Sí Te Creo (YSTCC) and the Alas Tensas Gender Observatory (OGAT) demanded transparency from the authorities to clarify the fact. “Access to public information, such as this on the incidence of violence in Cuban society, is a right,” they questioned in a joint statement.

Residents in the province of Villa Clara also reported to us an increase in violence in that territory. One of the events they referred to occurred on January 17 in Playa Nazábal, in the municipality of Encrucijada, where several people robbed a home in the town.

According to the official profile Fuerza del Pueblo, associated with the Ministry of the Interior (MININT), two women and two men were arrested as alleged perpetrators of the incident. “I believe that if the MININT does not put a stop to these things, this is going to end badly, because there are already gangs and gangs,” independent journalist Guillermo del Sol told Martí Noticias.

Two days before, an 83-year-old woman was murdered in her house on the Piloto farm, in the Matanzas municipality of Unión de Reyes, to rob her of 20 thousand pesos.

At the beginning of this month, priest Alberto Reyes Pías attributed the increase in crime to generations of Cubans who have grown up “without values.”

“The values fell into no man’s land, the family, they left it to the school, the school, they left it to the family and here the only value that was always promoted was loyalty to the system, period. The rest did not matter” , said the religious in statements to Martí Noticias.

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  1. Cubans tried to use peaceful demonstrations for change. It was brutally put down. They have called for dialog for needed changes and are thrown in jail. They are now lashing out in any way they can. No big surprise.

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