What would Alvarez Guedes say of Lia Thomas?

Like some of you, I think of the late Alvarez Guedes when some things don’t make sense. The latest episode in insanity is that Lia Thomas wants to compete in the Olympics as a woman. By the way, he is Will Thomas, a man who has apparently discovered his feminine side just in time to spoil the Olympics for real girls.  

Talk about being a male chauvinist!  After all, there is nothing more courageous in this world than to steal a girl’s trophy.   Once upon a time, we used to shame men like that.  Today, they are victims in the latest chapter of victimhood.

Let’s check this from Carrie Sheffield:

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is lawyering up, seeking to coerce the Olympic governing body for swimming — which operates in the dark, behind closed doors — to accept biological males competing against females. 

It’s unfair, unscientific and the height of selfishness. Thomas couldn’t care less about women’s rights.

Thomas reportedly retained Tyr, a Canadian law firm with a track record of bringing these types of suits, to demand the Court of Arbitration for Sport reverse the World Aquatics’ ban of anyone who experienced “any part of male puberty” from competing against females. 

Before June 2022, transgender swimmers could previously compete if they reduced their testosterone levels. 

The 24-year-old Thomas, formerly named Will Thomas, previously swam for the University of Pennsylvania’s men’s team for three years.

Thomas was decent, but far from outstanding in that male division.

For example, in November 2021, Thomas would have placed 14th if competing among men in the 100-yard freestyle. 

Yet after moving to the female team, competing against my Independent Women’s Forum colleagues Riley Gaines and Paula Scanlan, Thomas became the first openly trans person to win an NCAA Division I title. 

Wow so he beat the girl. I am old enough to remember a time when feminists would have been marching in support of the girl, but that was then, and this is now.   

The 2024 version of the feminist squad is silent about girls getting raped in Israel, the human trafficking on the U.S.-Mexico border, or female athletes being denied trophies in sports contests.   

As the uncle of five nieces and grandfather of cute baby Sofia, I object to this perverse definition of civil rights.  Boys taking trophies from girls had nothing to do with Title 9 or any definition of civil rights. 

It is sick, and the feminists should be screaming.  Of course, they won’t scream unless they are talking about “reproductive rights” or Trump turning into a dictator.

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