Cuban dictatorship blames cyberattack for last minute delay of massive fuel price hike

Just hours before a five-fold increase in fuel prices was about to take effect in Cuba, the communist Castro dictatorship announced it was delaying the massive increase. The regime blamed a cyberattack for the delay, but as usual, provided no details for its abrupt decision.

Via Reuters:

Cuba put off an unpopular five-fold increase in gasoline prices planned for Feb. 1 due to a cyberattack, Economy Vice Minister Mildrey Granadillo said on Wednesday, a sudden about-face hours before the hike was to take effect.

“This decision is influenced by the occurrence of a cybersecurity incident in the computer systems for the marketing of fuels, the origin of which has been identified as a virus from abroad,” Granadillo said in the final minutes of the midday newscast on state-run TV.

Cuba in late December announced a series of measures, including hikes in fuel and public transport prices, which the government says are necessary to narrow a ballooning fiscal deficit. Critics have attacked the policies as inflationary, ill-timed and lacking incentives for domestic production.

Since the announcement of price increases in fuel and other basic items, the Cuban people have been up in arms and voicing their discontent. Skyrocketing inflation combined with massive shortages of almost everything have left the Cuban people struggling to survive. A massive increase in prices will only make their misery worse.

While it’s always possible a cyberattack did take place and caused the delay, it’s more likely the communist regime is not confident it can survive another massive protest a 500% price hike might spark. You can only push the Cuban people so far and with the regime at its weakest point ever, it is a chance they are not prepared to take.

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