Cuban dictatorship is sending 89 slave doctors to Honduras

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Never mind the shortage of doctors in Cuba. Once again, Castro, Inc. is proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that it doesn’t give a hoot about the Cuban people. Its main objective and sole concern is staying in power. And in order to do this it needs to send slave doctors to any nation that will take them. So what if the Cuban people die like flies or endure agonizing illnesses? And so what if the doctors sent abroad are no different from slaves of old? If this is what it takes to stay in power, this is what will have to happen.

And much of the blame for this criminal behavior goes to the nations who purchase the services of these slaves. In this case, Hondura’s leftist president Xiomara Castro is complicit in the blatant exploitation of the Cuban doctors. She is doing this to help Castro, Inc., knowingly and willfully. To add some frosting on this poisoned cake, she will also be sending Honduran medical students for training in Castrogonia. Absolutely revolting.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Havana and Tegucigalpa agreed to export 89 Cuban doctors to Honduras, who would work for two years in hospitals in the Central American nation, which according to its authorities faces a shortage of specialists in various medical disciplines.

According to the newspaper La Prensa, the cooperation agreement was signed by the Minister of Health of Honduras, Karla Paredes, and the Cuban ambassador in Tegucigalpa, Juan Roberto Loforte.

The exported toilets will arrive in Honduras on February 20. They will be located in hospitals in major cities, as well as in remote communities.

“There are 89 specialist doctors, including surgeons, orthopedists, neurosurgeons, vascular surgeons, oncological surgeons, internists, pediatricians, epidemiologists, family doctors, pediatric neurologists and, as you can see, they are very rare specialties in this country and they have already been assigned inside this nation,” said Paredes.

Precisely doctors of these specialties are scarce today in Cuba, whose health system suffers an exodus of professionals and faces a crisis of supplies, medicines and the deterioration of facilities. Despite this, Havana prefers to export them to obtain income thanks to their work.

Paredes specified that the Cuban doctors will not be hired by the Ministry of Health, but by the Ministry of Strategic Planning, created by President Xiomara Castro in 2022 to execute her so-called Bicentennial Government Plan and the construction of the Socialist and Democratic State.

The official did not specify how much the Cuban specialists will be paid, but she indicated, according to La Prensa, that it will be less than what Honduran doctors receive.

As part of the agreement, an undetermined number of Honduran doctors will also do their specialty in Cuba, the note concluded.

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  1. Again, we should reject a connection with “Latins.” They are alien to us, and we should have enough dignity and self-respect to be separate and apart from them. We are Cubans and, if need be, Hispanics, period.

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