High school in Seattle holds candlelight vigil for ‘martyr’ Fidel Castro

Shorecrest High School in Shoreline, Washington

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Tres Fotutos is having trouble with this news story. His brain is sputtering, snap, crackle, pop, bzzzzt! (That last sound is identical to the one made by electric bug zappers). This high school event in the Seattle area is like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, an indication of the poisoned air American students are being forced to breathe. The communists, socialists, progressives, wokenoids, and an unholy assortment of leftist zealots have taken control of American education at an alarmingly fast pace and their reach is as wide as it is deep.


And it’s not just in public schools that one runs into this phenomenon. No, some of the most expensive and prestigious private schools in the U.S. are also infected. The same is true in Canada. And never mind higher education. It is not only thoroughly infected, but actually the source of the infection.

Take a look at this program launched by Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Its name “Five Year Plan” doesn’t even make an effort to hide its communist DNA. “Five-year strategic implementation plan on decolonizing and Indigenizing curriculum and pedagogy. In their own words, “This plan sets evolving priorities for the decolonization of curriculum and pedagogy at Concordia from 2023 to 2027.”

For a very perceptive analysis of the Fidel Castro high school vigil, go HERE, to Hot Air, and read David Strom’s post on this Seattle Grand Guignol-style horror show.

From 770 KKTH Seattle

Last week, The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH exclusively reported a high school in Shoreline hailed Fidel Castro, a notorious dictator, as a “social justice” champion. But details more disturbing than we initially thought, have now come to light.

The assembly offered a “candlelight vigil” where Castro was celebrated as “martyred” for fighting on behalf of civil rights. And student leaders refused to recite the pledge, instead asking kids to stay silent during what should have been the recitation — though very brief.

The original report was based on a student’s recollection of a Martin Luther King Jr. assembly at Shorecrest High School in the Shoreline School District. Some parents were upset that Castro played any role in the assembly, but a school administrator brushed off concerns. She noted that the presentation labeled Castro “a problematic person and figure, too.” That’s demonstrably false.

The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH has now exclusively obtained the slides presented to the students, along with the accompanying script.

oward the end of the assembly, student presenters offered what they called a candlelight vigil to honor the “martyred.”

“Now we are continuing a tradition today to have a candlelight vigil to pay solemn tribute to a selection of the people who were martyred while working on behalf of advancing civil rights, social justice and decolonization,” the student presenter said, according to the assembly script. “This year we are selecting Black American civil rights leaders as well as leaders of developing nations who valiantly sought to liberate themselves from the shackles of Western imperialism, capitalism and a specter of war crimes.”

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  1. Yes, but in terms of “progressive” woke virtue signaling, this is primo stuff. The “martyr” bit, of course, is both unbelievably ignorant and downright hilarious, given that if anybody was NOT martyr material, that was Fidel. He never risked his hide, not even during his “insurgent” phase. Talk about grotesque idiocy.

  2. This NEVER happened in my school. We didn’t even mention the Cuban revolution. And I was only in school a couple years ago. Then again, I was in a charter school.

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