Cuba saw more than 600 anti-government protests during the month of January

Despite the brutal oppression, Cubans continue to voice their discontent with the communist Castro dictatorship in record numbers. With the economy in a free fall, inflation skyrocketing, food shortages, increased oppression, and violent crime worsening, the Cuban people are refusing to remain quiet while they are led down the socialist path to destruction.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Cubans carried out 626 protests in January 2024

The Cuban Observatory of Conflicts (OCC) counted a total of 626 public protests in Cuba during January 2024.

This figure represents an increase of 15.5% compared to December 2023 and a 37.2% rise compared to January of the previous year.

According to the OCC report, Havana was the province where most protests occurred, with a total of 227. It was followed by Camagüey (53), Holguín and Villa Clara (38 each), Matanzas (35), and Guantánamo (33).

Within the realm of economic and social demands, 144 protests were due to the growing wave of violence and citizen insecurity experienced on the island, including five feminicides, 18 murders, 47 robberies, and 22 disappearances.

Meanwhile, the area of civil and political rights saw a significant increase in repressive acts by the Castro regime, rising from 68 in December to 133 in January, according to the document provided by the organization to ADN Cuba.

Additionally, there were 88 direct challenges to the police state.

Another 114 demonstrations were sparked by food insecurity, rampant inflation, and the recent government announcement of price increases in essential goods and public services, colloquially known as the “paquetazo.”

The “paquetazo” includes price hikes in services such as electricity, liquefied gas, and water, as well as increases in fuel prices.

The update of fuel prices was supposed to begin on February 1, but the regime postponed it, citing a “cybersecurity incident” caused by a virus from abroad.

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  1. Oh, Cubans have been led down the path to destruction for a very long time, and the destruction is already wide and deep. All that remains is actual collapse, which may be the only thing that will end the nightmare.

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