Purge, purge, purge! Cuban dictatorship sacks Minister of Food Industry

Out with the old, in with the new

From our Bureau of Socialist Defenestrations with some assistance from our Bureau of Sacrificial Lambs and Scapegoats

Another one bites the dust! Castro, Inc. has a fever and the only prescription is more purging! Toss the ministers out the window! Yesterday it was the Minister of the Economy, today it’s the Minister of the Food Industry. Expect this current purge to continue and intensify as the military junta seeks scapegoats for its failed policies and the younger oligarchs jostle to claim top spots vacated by the deaths of the dinosaurs who have been in power since 1959.

It’s going to get intensely Darwinian down there, in Latrine America’s most admired utopia. No doubt about it. Nature red in tooth and claw, survival of the fittest.

From World Nation News

The Minister of Food Industry of Cuba, Manuel Sobrino Martínez, was removed this Friday from his post, where he only lasted four years.

Sobrino was released from his position “for change,” according to a note from his grandmother, which reported other dismissals of Castro’s leadership, of which the most important was that of the Minister of Economy Alejandro Gil Fernández.

The leader will be replaced by Alberto López Díaz, 56 years old and, until now, governor of Villa Clara.

López Díaz, with a degree in education, was a professor, department head, and specialist in an aqueduct and sewage company before holding various positions in popular power bodies, where he became president of the Provincial Assembly of Villa Clara.

Sobrino Martínez is one of the most famous ministers in Cuba because of his mistakes and absurd statements in the media.

He rose to “fame” in 2020 when he went to the Round Table to present a program to use weak chickens and the intestines of pigs and cows to make meat dough to make croquettes.

“That’s not from poor countries; that’s exploitation of developed countries,” he once said.

The now-defenestrated head of the sector assured that afternoon that beer is a fundamental concern of Cubans because the people cannot afford to eat lobster and shrimp. After all, the children don’t have enough milk and the bread sold through the supply book is of good quality.

In November, he again caused controversy when he insisted that the government did not take neoliberal economic measures.

“The Cuban government continues to sell that liter of milk for 25 cents in the national currency and assumes all the costs of the difference. A neoliberal government would now charge 125 pesos for that liter of milk,” he said.

“Who can drink milk?” he asked after explaining that a liter of milk on the world market costs about 50 cents.

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