‘Cuba, Terrorism, and the American Apologists’: Two responses to idiotic essay by Congressmen McGovern and Welch

Fidel’s ghost reacts to essay by Rep. Jim McGovern & Sen. Peter Welch

From our Bureau of Responses to Dictatorship-Loving American Politicians

A week ago, The Wall Street Journal published an essay by two Democrats, Rep. Jim McGovern and Vermont Sen. Peter Welch, in which they regurgitated pro-dictatorship propaganda crafted by Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth.. Their essay, “Cuba Is No Sponsor of International Terrorism”, has just received two eloquent responses, one of which was penned by the son of an American killed by Cuba-sponsored terrorists. See below.

From El Guolstriyurnal: (Wall Street Journal)

In their letter Cuba Is No Sponsor of International Terrorism” (Feb. 1), Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern and Vermont Sen. Peter Welch twist the language to fit their narrative. In urging the removal of Cuba from the state sponsor of terrorism list, they conveniently add the word “international” before “terrorism” to change the nature of the list, thus dismissing Cuba’s sponsorship of Black Liberation Army and FALN terrorists, Joanne Chesimard and William Morales.

Contrary to their letter, Morales wasn’t merely accused but also convicted of terrorism-related charges in the U.S, including bomb making and possession and transportation of explosives. To casually refer to these unrepentant terrorists as “aging American fugitives” and assert that “none of them have been accused of international terrorism” is disingenuous.

It also dismisses the life of my father, Frank Connor, who was murdered by Morales’s FALN at New York’s Fraunces Tavern in 1975. In so doing, Messrs. McGovern and Welsh join the Clintons and former Attorney General Eric Holder, President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden, who pushed clemency, in 1999 and then in 2017, on Morales’s Marxist FALN comrades.

Joe Connor

Glen Rock, N.J.

Cuba has been training antidemocracy terrorists since 1960. It has been well-documented that terrorist groups trained in Cuba have carried out and are still carrying out insurrections in Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, El Salvador, Bolivia, Peru and many other countries. Thousands of lives have been lost in these internal wars. It is time that our politicians understand the hatred that communist Cuba has for the U.S. The Cuban regime would rather let its people go hungry than stop undermining the U.S. and other countries in the region.

Jorge L. Blanco

Key Biscayne, Fla.

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  1. The first question that MUST be asked (and answered satisfactorily) before even beginning to take McGovern and Welch seriously is this: Why are non-Hispanic politicians from MA and VT this interested in Cuba, and how does that serve their constituents? That is especially true of McGovern, who has long appeared to be veritably fixated on Cuba policy, not unlike the exceedingly dubious Jeff Flake.

    Saying the matter smells very fishy is an understatement. At best, these two are useful idiots.

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