Cuban dissidents physically attacked in Italy by Castro dictatorship diplomatic officials

Avana de la Torre at Milan Tourism Fair, 2023

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Castro, Inc. agents –including one drunken diplomat — pounced on some Cuban dissidents who were peacefully demonstrating at a tourism fair in the Italian city of Milan. (Video HERE) The dissidents had merely set up an eight-foot-long display that highlighted the repressive nature of the Cuban dictatorship. The peaceful protest was staged by Avana de la Torre, a dissident who devotes herself to making Castro, Inc. agents uncomfortable throughout Europe. As usual, Castro, Inc. displayed that it can’t tolerate any dissent anywhere on earth. Intolerance is an essential feature of all communist and socialist states, as well as of American wokenoids.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

At least three activists for the cause of democracy in Cuba were attacked by Cuban officials in the space dedicated to the 44th Edition of the International Tourism Fair in Milan, Italy, according to Avana de la Torre, one of the people attacked.

“We attended the event peacefully to show the reality of Cuba, which is not an equal or equitable country and we were attacked,” De la Torre said in statements to the information magazine Martí Noticias AM.

The activist assured that the attackers followed orders from Marcos Hernández Sosa, Consul General of Cuba in Milan and identified as the main attacker Fidel Ajuria Domínguez, Third Consul at the Consulate General of Cuba in Milan, as well as Anabel Díaz, wife of Ajuria Domínguez , and Mrs. Ada Noidis Galano Estiven, who according to the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has lived in Milan for 33 years and coordinates donations and visits to Cuba and initiatives against the embargo.

De la Torre said that she attended the Fair accompanied by Yuliet Suárez and Leidis Peñalver to denounce the situation that the Cuban population is going through. There they displayed an eight-meter-long flag with images of Cuba’s hospitals, the mass exodus, the situation of ordinary Cubans, and even the travels and waste of the Cuban leadership.

“Everything reflects the fear they have of the truth, of confrontation, it was exclusively 8 meters of truth on a flag, because the world has to see the controversy between what the regime sells and the Cuban reality. That’s why we made that flag and when we unfurled it, Marcos Hernández Sosa, Consul General of Cuba in Milan, approached and raised her hand asking for reinforcements to take it away from us,” the activist said.

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