Democrats need a witch doctor

According to a dictionary, a witch doctor will cure afflictions thought to be caused by spirit possession or witchcraft.  You mean something like Trump Derangement Syndrome?  Yes, something like that. The Democrats thought that 2024 would be a referendum on Trump.  Instead, it’s a referendum on Biden, and the comparison is not working out as expected.

First, 45 is leading 46 in a sequence of polls, in large part because the former’s presidency looks better and better when compared to the incumbent’s.  For example, gasoline prices were lower and more stable, because Trump had a better sense of energy independence, from its impact on the family budget to its geopolitical consequences.  Then there is the border madness and its impact everywhere.  Then it’s the old “Are you better off today than four years ago?”

Secondly, there is the case of Mr. Biden.  John Kass calls him “President Non Compos Mentis” which is a fancy way of saying that the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor.  Let’s hear from Mr. Kass:

Do you really think the bizarre angry-old-man cane waving performance of President Non Compos Mentis demonstrates his fitness for office?

Because after that politically disastrous news conference in the White House is where we are now.

Biden is no longer mentally fit to be commander-in-chief. He’s an empty husk. I told you he was a meat puppet years ago. Last week, on national television, he proved it.

The world is on the edge of war. China is pushing us in the Pacific, Iran pushes us across the Middle East. Russia is taking Ukraine, despite our war party’s best effort to bring us to the edge of world war. And the president is not in possession of his right mind. He’s slow and senile and the world can see it.

He is President Non Compos Mentis.

What a mess.

Add to this, the fact that the Colorado case is about to crash; Fani of Georgia is running into some issues, and the case may never get off the ground.  The two cases in New York are the definition of weaponizing justice.  The documents case is dead because the public will not stand for the indictment of Trump after giving Biden, and don’t forget Mrs. Clinton, a pass.  The January 6th case may never get to court before November.

The entire plan was to talk Trump, Trump, and more Trump.  Unfortunately, the voters are not buying it.

So it’s time for the Democrats to call a witch doctor and get Trump out of their heads.  He has been living rent-free in their heads and enjoying every minute of it.

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