Sacking of Cuba’s Economy Minister exposes country’s state of collapse

Ex-Minister Gil and Paleolithic figurehead Trucutú Díaz-Canalla

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An article in The Economist digs deep into Cuba’s economic disaster. Although this lengthy article parrots one of Castro, Inc.’s excuses, saying “Cuba has been impacted by the heavy-handed policy implemented by the Trump administration”, its author Carla Gloria Colomé finds plenty of blame to assign to Castro, Inc. itself, and its insane economic policies.

Abridged from The Economist

Alejandro Gil was put in charge of Cuba’s economy in 2018, but after a six-year spell in office, his management was defined by unmitigated failure. Every recovery plan he announced crashed, among them the so-called Tarea ordenamiento of 2021, which promised Cubans a better standard of living by bringing the dual currency to an end and revising prices. Instead, the plan resulted in soaring inflation and a deepening crisis that led to the largest migratory exodus in the island’s history.

The dismissal of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Planning 10 days ago by President Miguel Díaz-Canel exposes a state of general collapse in the country involving a food emergency, the dismantling of almost non-existent strategic sectors such as sugar production, a fiscal deficit 18.5% higher than that of the previous decade and tensions within the government, according to analysts and the former minister’s own sister, María Victoria Gil.

It was precisely the now-exiled María Victoria Gil, a popular Cuban TV presenter and host of the show De la gran escena for 29 years, who described her brother as the “most hated person in Cuba” on account of the unrelenting bad news he delivered. Still, Díaz-Canel publicly wished him happy birthday on February 6 when he turned 60, along with other economists, political leaders, Communist Party members and ministerial cadres. “Another embrace for Alejandro Gil Fernández, on his birthday,” the president wrote on X. It was the second embrace he had sent him within the space of a few days; the first accompanied his dismissal.

Experts agree that one of the worst economic decisions involving Gil was the so-called Tarea ordenamiento of 2021, which sought to bring Cuba out of economic stagnation by shelving the dual currency, eliminating the convertible peso, and implementing a reform regarding prices, salaries, and pensions. “It also fell to him to deal with the fallout of that failed monetary reform,” Vidal points out. “It was a huge challenge, and I don’t think he handled it well. I think it is a significant failure of the entire economic policy design in Cuba.”

Vidal also believes that Gil was partly responsible for a program of measures “implemented year after year — measures that changed nothing; partial measures that would act as a sticking plaster for certain situations as the efficiency of the socialist state enterprise was insisted upon; thinking that the Cuban model could be improved without drastic change, not making deep reforms but seeking improvements — an approach that has been pursued so many times, but which does not work.”

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