Diplomat Rocha who spied for Cuba pleads not guilty, transfers $4 million properties to wife

Rocha and his Miami property

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Victor Manuel Rocha, the former American ambassador accused of serving as a spy for the Cuban dictatorship for over 40 years, will not appear in court for his arraignment on Friday and will also be pleading “not guilty.” So, it’s highly likely that it will take some time for him to be tried and convicted. Meanwhile, while stewing in a federal prison a federal prison in Miami-Dade County., the sneaky bastard transferred four luxury properties to his wife Karla Wittkop Rocha on February 8th, worth more than $4 million dollars.

The four apartments transferred to his wife are in the luxurious Brickell City Centre in downtown Miami. Whether this transfer will prevent the federal government from seizing these properties remains to be seen.

From Yahoo News:

A former top U.S. diplomat who is accused of spying for Cuba for decades pleaded not guilty on Wednesday.

Victor Manuel Rocha, the former U.S. ambassador to Bolivia, was indicted by a federal grand jury on Dec. 5 on charges that he allegedly spied for Cuba’s intelligence agency for four decades.

In a court document filed Wednesday saying he intends to plead not guilty, Rocha asked that he not have to appear in court for his arraignment on Friday. The initial court appearance to hear the charges against him has been postponed twice since December.

“I fully understand the nature of the offenses charged against me and the right to appear at arraignment,” Rocha said.

Attorney General Merrick Garland described the case as “one of the highest-reaching and longest-lasting infiltrations of the U.S. government by a foreign agent.” Garland said Rocha sought positions in the U.S. government that “would provide him with access to non-public information and the ability to affect U.S. foreign policy.”

The criminal complaint did not give details about what information he might have divulged to Cuba or how he could have influenced U.S. policy. According to the indictment, Rocha held high-level security clearances, giving him access to top secret information.

Investigators alleged Rocha was recruited by Cuba’s spy agency, the Directorate of Intelligence, in Chile in 1973.

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