Some blockade! Cuba imported $10 million worth of vehicles from U.S. in 2023

Land Rover Defender spotted in Holguin, Cuba

From our Bureau of Nonexistent Blockades

Yeah. Anyone with half a brain can plainly see that the so-called U.S. “blockade” doesn’t really exist. Tractors, trucks, ambulances, cars, motorcycles, If it has an engine and wheels and it can get you from one place to another, you can buy it from the U.S. You will need lots of money. And you will probably have to settle for something used, but if you are an oligarch, or kleptocrat, or you have generous relatives abroad, you will be able to buy it. And Castro, Inc. will be in on the deal, demanding its share of the sale.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

From an ambulance costing more than $78,000 to heavy trucks and luxury cars, motorcycles, trailers, chassis, parts and pieces: vehicle purchases in the US by Cuba totaled almost ten million dollars in 2023.

This figure is striking, taking into account that the licenses granted by the United States Department of Commerce to a few suppliers from that nation have the condition that the buyer in Cuba be a natural person resident on the Island, or Cuban and foreign legal entities, ranging from “private companies owned by Cuban nationals” to embassies.

So, who was the buyer of the ambulance that arrived on the Island in November after being shipped in Miami? That specialized vehicle cost $78,590, according to the summary of US exports to Cuba in 2023 published by the Cuba-US Economic and Trade Council.

The list of vehicles purchased from Cuba includes $147,247 in tractors used for agricultural use; $85,735 on internal combustion passenger vehicles between 1,000 and 1,500 cubic centimeters (cc); $186,500 in motor homes between 1,500 and 3,000cc, and $357,442 in new four-cylinder vehicles, all shipped from Miami and unloaded at the port of Mariel.

The largest volume of car purchases was occupied by used vehicles between 1,500 and 3,000cc, which from Miami totaled 4,385,612 dollars and from Tampa 608,437. Among them would be dozens of models of modern luxury cars that circulate on Cuban streets, including Tesla and Mercedes Benz models.

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  1. Castro, Inc. is always in on the deal, any deal, or there wouldn’t be a deal. Doesn’t matter what it’s about or who it’s for or how real the need for it may be–the regime ALWAYS gets a cut, and everyone knows it.

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