Cuban dictatorship cannot provide enough milk for children

The Cuban regime has announced that children will not be provided with the allotted milk ration due to shortages on the island. With inflation skyrocketing and government-controlled slave wages that have left the majority of the population living in extreme poverty, parents are left to themselves to find a way to obtain this vital nutrient for their children.

Via Yahoo News:

Cuba is struggling to secure enough milk for children, a minister said, in the latest shortage putting strain on a decades-old subsidies scheme created by the late Fidel Castro.

Milk deliveries for children aged 6 months to 2 years had been delayed this month, minister of interior commerce, Betsy Diaz, said late on Thursday, though she promised deliveries would begin shortly in smaller quantities for priority groups.

Children with chronic illness, for example, will receive milk but at half their normal allotment, Diaz said.

“What we must convey to mothers who are worried, rightly of course, is that we are working daily to find alternatives,” Diaz said on Thursday’s nightly newscast.

Milk for children has long featured prominently as part of Cuba`s “rationbook” system introduced after the Castro’s 1959 revolution to provide subsidized staples for all.

Unfortunately, milk is not the only food item in short supply in communist Cuba. Virtually all other basic food staples are hard to find in the regime’s ration stores and, due to rampant inflation, sold for exorbitant prices on the black market. Those are the only options the Cuban people have living under a totalitarian dictatorship that controls every aspect of their lives.

While the communist regime cannot produce or purchase enough milk to nourish Cuba’s vulnerable children, it can produce and purchase new apartheid hotels for foreign tourists. This is socialism in action.

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  1. Yea, but there is plenty of scrimp for the tourist at the “fancy” hotels. You can’t have everything ya know. Priorities of the revolution have always been to care for the rich and powerful.

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