U.S. agricultural delegation visits Cuba to drum up business, denounce ‘blockade’

Paul Johnson, (R) chair of the United States Agriculture Coalition for Cuba (USACC), talks with Castronoid Frank Castaneda, (L) President of the Cuban Agricultural Business Group during a conference in Havana, Cuba, April 4, 2023

From our Bureau of Useful Idiots Who Seek to do Business with Deadbeat Nations That Never Pay Their Debts

Here we go again. This stupid traveling circus never stops making the rounds and pitching its tent in Castrogonia for a few days, over and over, month after month, year after year. The circus performers are not always the same, but the same acts are performed. As usual, this delegation included Paul Johnson, a regular performer and ringmaster of this circus. Johnson is president of the Bilateral Agricultural Coalition and founder of the Focus Cuba think tank.. He has been a pro-dictatorship lobbyist for many years and travels to Castrogonia often. As befits such a friend of Castro, Inc., he lives in Winnetka, Illinois, the Chicago area’s most prestigious, expensive, and luxurious suburb.

And, as usual, the journalists who report on these “Lift-the-Blockade” circuses never, ever, mention that lifting the so-called embargo means only one thing: granting Castro, Inc. the ability to purchase goods from the U.S. on credit, and that such a move has the potential of ruining every American farmer who sells food to Cuba on credit.

From World Nation News

A delegation of state officials from the US agriculture sector is in Cuba from February 18 to next February 22 with the aim of meeting commercial “opportunities” for the 10th time.

This time the delegation of 13 people was led by Executive Director of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), Ted McKinneyaccompanied by other NASDA members and an industry guest, according to a statement published by the organization.

The visit aims to establish contacts with “identify and address trade barriers for US agricultural products, gain a better understanding of trade rules and regulations, as well as the political and economic environment to strengthen trade relations“as in the text.

The delegation will offer from the Grand Aston Hotel in Havana, on Wednesday, February 21, “a press conference on discuss the opportunities and challenges for agricultural trade between the US and Cuba“.

According to the note, the Americans will meet with Cuban government officials, “as well as industry and private sector leaders, to learn more about how the United States and (essentially the Government of) Cuba can work together in the future“.

In addition to McKinney, they make up the delegation agricultural officials from states such as Maine, Connecticut, Montana or South Carolinasupport staff and businessman and lobbyist Paul Johnson, president of the Bilateral Agricultural Coalition and founder of the Focus Cuba think tank.

NASDA, a nonpartisan, nonprofit association, represents elected and appointed commissioners, secretaries, and directors of departments of agriculture in all 50 states and four US territories. in Havana that the Administration of Donald Trump would then lift the embargo on the regime and normalize bilateral trade relations.

The end of the embargo will increase the exchange in the agricultural sector between the two countries by four, up to 1 billion dollars per year.NASDA representatives then stated. But those transactions are mainly with the Cuban Government, which has a monopoly on imports and exports.

The Secretary of Agriculture of the state of Delaware, Michael Scuse, said that the normalization of trade relations would create a “mutual benefit,” because the United States could not only sell grains, corn or legume in the Cuban market, but the Island can be found in the American a wide area for its tropical fruits and organic products.

Representatives of the US agricultural sector have committed to continue to press Congress and the Senate to achieve the lifting of the embargo.

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