U.S. approved $8 billion in medical sales & donations to Cuba in 2023

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From our Bureau of Imaginary Blockades with some assistance from our Bureau of Panic at the Ministry of Truth

Ha! More proof that Castro, Inc.’s constant complaints about the crippling effects of the “blockade” are baseless. The fact that Cuba’s healthcare system is collapsing is undeniable, but as this piece of news reveals, Castro, Inc. had plenty of access to medications and medical supplies from the U.S. Aaaah . . . but it didn’t have enough money . . .and it only purchased $839,500 worth of medical stuff, that is, around 0.01% of what was authorized by Washington. Apparently, the release of this information has caused a meltdown at Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Health and Ministry of Truth. These two ministries are now denying that any such offer was made by the U.S. Yeah. Sure.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

In 2023, the United States approved the export of more than $8 billion in medical sales or donations to Cuba, a State Department official told DIARIO DE CUBA.

Once again, the data refutes the thesis that the embargo prevents the acquisition of medical supplies and medicines in the United States and “demonstrates the good will of many Americans, who want to help the Cuban people,” said the official source.

“US law includes exemptions and authorizations for exports of food, medicine and other basic goods to Cuba,” he recalled.

A report from the Cuba-US Economic and Commercial Council (CECCUS), released this week, ensures that the Havana regime acquired medical supplies for only $839,500, that is, around 0.01% of what was authorized by Washington.

One explanation is that license applicants often fail to export the full amount approved by the United States. The most probable cause is navigating the waters of the Cuban economic disaster.

Even so, John S. Kavulich, president of CECCUS, considers that the Trump and Biden Administrations “use the data as a means to denigrate the Republic of Cuba.”

The businessman told DIARIO DE CUBA that it is “immensely false” that statistics prove that the United States Government “is generous” and that Cuba “is incapable of purchasing authorized exports.”

“In reality, the Government of the Republic of Cuba is buying what American exporters expect it to buy, and on a schedule that is reasonable,” Kavulich added.

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