Mechanic who worked for Fidel, Raul, and Cuba’s top brass reveals details about their rapacious criminality

Ernesto Almeida, mechanic to Castro, Inc’s top honchos

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A former mechanic who serviced the vehicles of Castrogonia’s top elites has come out swinging, revealing all sorts of dirty secrets. The article below reveals a few details. The video of his interview, HERE, reveals much more, such as the fact that Che Guevara took possession of the luxury automobile that had previously belonged to President Batista’s wife. This guy is now living in Canada. He is much too young to have been involved with Che, but speaks as if he knew him personally.

Is his testimony trustworthy? Obviously not. But there is probably a kernel of truth in what he has to say about the dirty dealing of Cuba’s elite during the time he served as their top mechanic.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano.

In a revealing interview published on the YouTube channel El mundo de Darwin, Ernesto Almeida, a former mechanic for the Castro leadership, shared unpublished details about his work experience in the workshops where the vehicles of the most prominent figures of the Castro regime were repaired.

Almeida, who had direct access to the operational intimacy of these reserved spaces, relates that thanks to his skill as a sheet metal worker and an unblemished family history, the doors to this highly confidential sector were opened for him. Selection and training for these positions were strongly influenced by political loyalty and supervision of the Ministry of the Interior (Minint).

The mechanic was assigned to workshop No. 3, dedicated to the private cars of senior military personnel, highlighting the existence of other workshops, such as workshop one, reserved for Fidel Castro’s vehicles. Security and discretion were maximum, with Raúl Castro’s house strategically located in front of workshop No. 3.

Within this microcosm, military vehicle accidents were handled with extreme urgency and secrecy to avoid any type of retaliation. In that sense, he recalled that “a Colonel’s son crashed the car and on Monday that car could not have been in an accident… that had to be kept as quiet as possible and work was done very quickly.”

Ernesto also reveals how parts from confiscated vehicles were used to keep elite cars running, a reflection of the scarcity of resources and the need for improvisation that characterized the regime. “The confiscated taxis went to the garage and we began to remove the parts to put them in the Ministry of the Interior’s technical cars,” he explained.

His testimony offers a unique window into resource management, work culture, and power dynamics within Fidel and Raúl Castro’s immediate entourage, providing an inside perspective on daily life under Castro’s government.

Life within these workshops was marked by a mix of privilege and restrictions, where even the most mundane details, such as work culture and everyday practices, were imbued with broader political and social meaning.

Through his anecdotes and observations, Ernesto offers a vivid account of life under the Castro mantle, where the line between the personal and the political is constantly blurred. His revelations about financial compensation, the use of confiscated pieces, and observations about figures like Raúl Castro illuminate the contrasts and contradictions of life within the circles of power in Cuba.

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  1. The “revolution” was a classic bait-and-switch. It simply replaced a relatively benign regime with an incalculably worse totalitarian dictatorship. In other words, the “revolution” was always a deliberate LIE.

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