Cuban colonies of Venezuela and Nicaragua ranked among the most corrupt while Cuba escapes scrutiny

Hey, Trucutú, how did you manage to score so much better than we did when you are controlling us?

From our Wonders of Latrine American Socialist Neocolonialism Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Forms of Absolute Corruption That Are Difficult to Detect

Hey, wait a minute. Why is it that dictatorships under the control of Castro, Inc. get ranked as the most corrupt in the world, while Cuba is given a much better ranking? Yeah. In Transparency International’s 2023 Corruption Perceptions Index Cuba gets a score of 42, which gives it a ranking as the 76th most corrupt out of 180 nations. But its colony of Venezuela gets a score of 13, placing it in 2nd place, and Nicaragua scores 17, placing it in 5th place.

Something smells fishy here . . . Get your act together, Transparency International. You’re probably blinded by the fact that Castro, Inc. owns everything and everyone and its corruption is therefore virtually impossible to detect. If you own everything, absolutely everything, aren’t you already totally corrupt?

From Havana Times

In the Corruption Perceptions Index produced by Transparency International, after applying the same indicators to 180 countries worldwide, the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo appears among the most corrupt. Nicaragua ranks second in Latin America, surpassed only by the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

Luciana Torchiaro, the Transparency International advisor for Latin America, explains that according to this index, based on 13 international sources around three governance indicators – transparency, and impunity, “public corruption in Nicaragua is alarming, the concentration of power is brutal, and abuses of corruption are not sanctioned.”

In an interview with “Esta Semana” and “CONFIDENCIAL,” Torchiaro mentioned her surprise at reports like that of the International Monetary Fund, suggesting progress in public information access and the oversight role of Nicaragua’s Comptroller’s office. “Our indicators tell us the opposite. On a scale of 0 to 100, Nicaragua scores 17 points, where 100 is clean, and zero is considered very corrupt. Also, according to our reports, the shielding around Ortega and Murillo is extremely opaque, allowing them essentially a free hand to do as they please.”

In Transparency International’s latest report on the Global Corruption Perception Index, involving 180 countries, Venezuela ranks second as the most corrupt, only preceded by Somalia, with Nicaragua in the fourth position among the most corrupt. What does this data mean?

It indicates that the situation in these countries is alarming. They are below countries that have been facing civil wars for many decades and have no functioning state. The particularity here is that we are dealing with two dictatorships, two countries where there is extreme opacity, with no checks or balances to power. Instead, power is concentrated in the executive and political and economic elites governing the country. In both cases, there are also links to organized crime.

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