Surprise! Repression in Cuba has increased significantly in first 7 weeks of 2024

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Castro, Inc. has been tightening the screws on dissent so much more in these past few weeks that a human rights watchdog organization has issued an alarm. One can only expect this repression to keep worsening as the country’s economy continues to implode. In related news, another human rights organization revealed that Castro, Inc. had harassed more than 170 journalists and activists in the second half of 2023. No wonder members of the Woke Party in the U.S. love Castrogonia so much and ache to imitate it so fervently.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and its Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression (RELE) expressed concern about the “significant increase” in repressive actions against civil society organizations and independent press so far this year.

“So far in 2024, civil society organizations have reported to the IACHR nearly 300 repressive actions against human rights activists and defenders, political dissidents, journalists, independent artists, and relatives of people deprived of liberty for political reasons. “they said in a statement.

These actions include arbitrary arrests, physical violence and medical negligence in the context of deprivation of liberty, house arrests, threats and coercion, selective internet and communications cuts, internal mobility restrictions, police summonses and interrogations without respect for legal guarantees, reports the IACHR, advisory body of the Organization of American States on human rights.

“They all have the common denominator that they are multiple actions carried out simultaneously against those people who demand freedom, democracy and who are contrary to the regime, so what we seek with this press release is to make visible that “They are taking multiple repressive actions of different types with the aim of silencing any dissident voice and that in these days at the beginning of 2024 have had a significant increase in what was already being reported previously,” declared Commissioner Edgar Stuardo Ralón, rapporteur for Cuba from the IACHR, in an interview with Martí Noticias.

The commissioner added that the number of repressive actions reported in such a short period of the year raises an alarm that “the situation is increasingly complicated against all those critical of the government.

“What these intimidating actions seek is, therefore, to hinder the defense and promotion of Human Rights, prevent any leadership from emerging on the island and hinder freedom of expression. What has prompted us to release this statement is that any critical demonstration in Cuba today immediately has a reaction of some repressive action,” said the Commissioner.

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