Blackouts in Cuba affect 31% of the island and the crisis expected to worsen as hot season approaches

Life in woke paradise

From our Bureau of Socialist Electrical Grids with some assistance from our Bureau of Infinite Excuses From Latrine American Socialist Totalitarian Hellholes

Castro, Inc blames the “blockade” and many other factors for its inability to produce enough electricity for the Cuban people, but anyone with half a brain can easily figure out who is really at fault.. At this point –according to Castro, Inc.’s own estimates — about a third of the island is being subjected to constant blackouts. As Cuban “winter” gives way to summer and hotter temperatures become the norm, demand for power is bound to increase, which means that blackouts are going to increase in frequency and duration too. Aaah, welcome to woke paradise. Everyone is equally screwed. Oh, except the oligarchs and tourists, for sure. They won’t be affected at all by any of these inconveniences.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Blackouts continue to affect a third of Cuba and by Thursday evening, 31% of the territory will suffer an electricity deficit during peak hours, according to the forecast published on Facebook by the state company Unión Eléctrica (UNE).

The UNE indicated that the impact is caused by the lack of fuel, in addition to the breakdowns in some units of the thermoelectric plants. 86 distributed generation plants, the Moa Fuel engines and the Santiago de Cuba lake are out of service due to fuel shortages. In addition, there are 13 centers with low coverage.

According to the entity belonging to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, during today’s peak consumption hours there will be a maximum demand of 2,800 megawatts (MW), which cannot be covered with the available electricity generation capacity (1,997MW). Therefore, the deficit will be 803MW and the impact (the circuits that will be disconnected) will rise to 873MW.

For weeks now, the UNE has been attributing the low production of electricity to the shortage of fuel needed by thermoelectric plants. The forecast offered for February 17, for example, detailed that the lack of fuel kept the Fuel engines and the Mariel boats, the Moa Fuel engines and the Santiago de Cuba boat without working.

The aforementioned UNE publication was commented on by dozens of users who condemned the precariousness of the national electrical system. For example, Harol Bermúdez Galindo said: “A country without solutions, without results, without economy, without opportunities of any kind. Be very careful, Government… If the people continue with this misery and the complaints continue, I don’t know, you will know”.

Other Internet users directly questioned the management of this energy crisis. Jarel Jardon pointed out: “They are not going to deign to buy fuel anymore. There are good justifications, we want solutions. The people are stubborn that there is no improvement.”

Due to the current time of year, when temperatures drop in Cuba and with them the use of high-consumption electrical equipment (air conditioners), some users wondered why this does not result in greater availability of electricity. Nora Hernández Rodríguez said: “How can you understand such a generation deficit with temperatures in the country below up to ten degrees Celsius. If it is now, tell me in the summer. Look for solutions and, please, stop saying more than “There is a lack of fuel, they spend their time traveling to other countries and solve nothing. This is too much already.”

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