Update: Brazil’s anti-Israel position enthusiastically backed by Castro, Inc.

As recently posted here, Brazilian president Lula da Silva publicly said that what’s happening in Gaza is not war but genocide, which he likened to the Holocaust. Israel responded by declaring Lula persona non grata until he retracts and apologizes, and Lula called Israel’s response “absurd” and “unacceptable.” Cuba’s dictatorship, which is very tight with Lula and had already come out as anti-Israel and pro-Hamas, decided to pipe in and cheer Lula on.

After all, Latrine solidarity with Castro, Inc. must be answered in kind, no? Thus, Cuba’s designated dictator told Lula on X “We applaud and admire your courage. You will always be on the correct side of history.” Cuba’s foreign minister, also on X, said his government joins Lula in his “tireless denunciation of the genocide, extermination and apartheid suffered by the Palestinian people in Gaza at the hands of Israeli forces.” Cuba has yet to condemn the events of 10/7.

I suppose Israel could declare Cuba’s “president” persona non grata, but it may be better to dismiss what is beneath contempt anyway. Israel has far more pressing matters to attend to now than the indecent but entirely characteristic grandstanding of a parasitic third-world failure whose citizens are desperate to leave it. Still, Israel should take note and remember how Cuba, which could have played it considerably cooler, chose to go overtly anti-Zionist.

It could be argued Israel should have ignored Lula, a highly compromised Latrine corruptocrat and dyed-in-the-wool socialist who wasn’t one of Fidel Castro’s boys for nothing. Brazil itself, despite its huge size and resources, is a chronically dysfunctional underachiever which has never even remotely approached Israel’s level of success. So, maybe Israel should have adopted the attitude expressed in a popular Cuban adage: Al bagazo, poco caso.

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  1. Lula is a classic camaján. In some respects, he reminds me of Vil Clinton, because he comes across as relatively more personable than the obnoxious AMLO, the lumbering and frankly bogus Maduro and the slimy/sleazoid Ortega. He’s still full of it, but in his former “prime” he had a certain charm, as Latrines go (though now he’s pretty seedy). However, it appears the inner Lula is plenty perverse–again, like Clinton.

  2. Thanks so much to Castro Inc for being anti Israel. It just proves us who support Israel right. If Castro Inc is against something, that something is probably in the right.

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