Cuban dissidents hack dictatorship website, replace content with denunciations and calls for freedom

Hacked website

From our Bureau of Virtuous Hacking with some assistance from our Bureau of Bright Shining Moments in Very Dark Places

Ha! Gotcha! A dissident organization that calls itself “Anonymous Cuba” carried out the equivalent of a massive bombing raid on a Castronoid website, pulverizing its content and replacing it with invective against the dictatorship on the anniversary of the mid-air murder of Brothers to the Rescue. The hacked website belongs to Castro, Inc.’s totally phony National Organization of Collective Law Firms, a branch of the government dedicated to absolute repression in the island’s law courts. The dissidents declared on social media platform X that more hacking is on the way. Way to go, hackers! Keep it up!.

Slightly abridged from Marti Noticias

The homepage of the National Organization of Collective Law Firms (ONBC) website woke up hacked this Sunday with a sign saying “Down with the dictatorship” and demands for freedom for political prisoners on the island.

The Anonymous Cuba group claimed responsibility for the hack in a post on their X account, explaining that the action pays tribute to “Brothers to the Rescue: 28 years since a premeditated crime,” referring to the downing on February 24, 1996, of two planes belonging to the Cuban exile organization on orders from General Raúl Castro Ruz.

In another post, they explained that with the hack they also pay tribute to political prisoners and protest “against the dictatorship, communist lawyers, and judges who are complicit in a false justice.”

Anonymous Cuba, identifying as a group of “Cuban hackers for human rights, autonomy, and self-governance,” shared a video showing the hacked homepage of the state site, displaying signs such as “Freedom for political prisoners” and “In dictatorship, there is no justice.”

The hackers altered the headlines of almost all sections of the official organization’s homepage, replacing them with phrases like: “Do you want the dictatorship to fall? Participate in our survey,” “Do you need legal help? Screw it, you don’t have any. Protest against the dictatorship,” “Courses to take to the streets,” “We are slaves to the dictatorship,” among others.

They also placed a graphic alluding to the second anniversary of the popular protests of July 11th in Cuba and the more than a thousand political prisoners still incarcerated on the island, most of whom were detained in the protests of July 11, 2021, and the following days.

At the time of writing this note, access to the ONBC website had not been restored, and instead, an error message appeared. The hackers promised more attacks: “The Cyberclarias woke up, get to work, lazy ones. Don’t worry, we have more for you, but on Sundays, to get you used to working,” they wrote in another post.

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