Trudeau must match Canada’s Cuba policy with his rhetoric on human rights

Justin Trudeau loves to talk about human rights and defending democracy, but all that rhetoric goes out the window when it comes to communist Cuba. Canada continues to support and defend the Castro dictatorship, providing the murderous totalitarian regime with a much-needed lifeline. With “friends” like Canada, Cubans don’t need any enemies.

Michael Lima explains in The Bureau:

Trudeau must change policy on Cuba, which is leveraged by China, Russia, Iran

Since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took office in 2015, Canada’s foreign policy towards Cuba has been marked by inconsistency and a lack of action in defending the human rights of a people whom the Canadian government considers “friends.”

Despite Trudeau’s claims to defend democracy in other parts of the world, such as Venezuela, Belarus, Ukraine, his government does not uphold the same standard when it comes to Cuba.

Numerous opportunities to stand with the Cuban people have been missed.

In November 2018, the Canadian government opposed eight measures in the Human Rights Council aimed at holding the Cuban regime accountable for widespread human rights violations.

Furthermore, after the unprecedented wave of repression following the pro-democracy protests of July 2021, the Canadian government, despite making comments in solidarity with the people of Cuba, failed to take substantive action to counter the repression against tens of thousands of Cubans.

Given the unprecedented levels of repression within Cuba and the global landscape characterized by the clash between democracy and authoritarianism, it is crucial for Canadian foreign policy towards Cuba to undergo urgent reformulation.

This necessitates implementing measures to counteract the Cuban regime’s active obstruction of democratic progress in the Americas and its alignment with authoritarian powers such as Russia and China.

With over 1,000 political prisoners, Cuba stands as the leading jailer of political dissidents in the Americas.

Presently, levels of repression against activists, journalists, artists, and independent thinkers are at their highest in decades.

Confronted with this systemic violence, the Cuban people live in a state of defencelessness due to the absence of an impartial judicial system and independent media.

Despite the pervasive repression, thousands of protests have erupted across the island since September 2020, signalling the resurgence of a culture of dissent.

These developments underscore the urgent need for active international solidarity.

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