Fuel apocalypse in Cuba: Gasoline stations closed as 500% price increase goes into effect

No pain no gain. That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

From our Bureau of Socialist Fair Pricing with some assistance from our Bureau of Unaffordable Luxuries in Socialist Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

Ay! Feel the pain, comrades. No pain no gain. Yes, pain for you means gain for us at Castro, Inc. Your gasoline will now cost five times more than it did yesterday and your electric bills will now be 25% higher, too. So, count yourself lucky every time the power goes out, which we promise to cut off regularly and frequently. Enjoy your lives, and admire your self-sacrificing “president” and his lovely wife, who have just flown away in a fuel-guzzling jet to attend a CELAC meeting at one of his favorite places on earth, where he gave his most famous speech, ever. Of course, that place is St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

And, of course he is not there for a vacation. He and Madame Lis are there working on your behalf and improve your lives. Everything this hard-working pair do is for your benefit. (Raucous prolonged laughter). . Patria o Muerte, yes, Fatherland or Death, comemierdas! Feel the pain. It’s good for you! Remember the words of the immortal philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “That which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” (More raucous laughter).

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The CIMEX corporation, owned by the Cuban military, announced this Thursday the temporary suspension of fuel sales at its service stations. The measure comes after the implementation of price increases and partial dollarization of sales starting on March 1, as part of the regime’s economic package.

A statement from the entity, cited by the official portal Cubadebate, informed about the halt in sales from 12:00 AM this Friday and noted that the measure is “necessary to carry out the required procedures for price modification”.

The company added that fuel sales will gradually resume at each service station as the mentioned procedures are completed.

On Wednesday, the Cuban regime announced the implementation of fuel price increases, after postponing it for a month due to a supposed “cybersecurity incident”.

The price hike, which is part of the economic package announced in December and is accompanied by a 25% increase in electricity tariffs for “high consumers (more than 500 kWh)”, is an unpopular measure and the regime is aware of it: “We are talking about updating retail fuel prices. We are aware of the impact they have, as it is a product that affects the entire economy,” said Finance and Prices Minister Valdimir Reguiero Ale at a press conference.

“The Government’s measures are aimed at rectifying a group of distortions present in the economy,” justified Regueiro Ale, who insisted on the complexities faced by the country in acquiring fuel. “These are imported products with various nomenclatures,” he added and linked the price hike to the U.S. embargo, “the international economic crisis derived from Covid-19, and the armament conflicts in the world”.

The tariffs announced in January on the television program Mesa Redonda, mean that as of March 1, motor gasoline B83 will increase from 20CUP to 114 per liter, or 0.94 dollars; regular gasoline B90, from 25 to 132CUP or 1.10 dollars; special gasoline B94, from 30 to 156, or 1.30 dollars; special gasoline B100, from 37.50 to 198CUP, or 1.65 dollars; regular diesel, from 25 to 132 pesos or 1.10 dollars, and special diesel from 27.50 to 150CUP or 1.25 dollars.

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