Some blockade! Cuba buys 500 tons of powdered milk from U.S.

From our Bureau of Non-existent Blockades That Are Considered Real by Billions of Fools Around the World and Far Too Many Members of U.S. Congress

Add this one to the list, along with all those chickens. Once again, Castro, Inc. has made a major purchase from the U.S., while at the very same time it begged the U.N. to send it some free food because the “blockade” is causing food shortages in Cuba. Sagrada mierda de las vacas de Belén! Holy excrement from the cows of Bethlehem! The ridiculousness of this charade grows exponentially with every passing day.

From 14yMedio via Translating Cuba

It has been two days since the Spanish agency EFE released the news that Cuba had asked, for the first time in history, for help from the United Nations World Food Program in the face of the milk shortage, but the Government still does not say a single word. This Thursday, the Minister of the Food Industry, Alberto López Díaz, gave a press conference to reassure the population that children up to to seven years old are guaranteed powdered milk in the coming days, although the explanations were confusing.

The arrival of a Brazilian ship with 375 metric tons of the product “guarantees the distribution” for that group for an unspecified number of days. The minister also cited several contracts that add up, if the figures are correct, to 1,750 tons of powdered milk. He added that, since the country consumes 2,000 tons per month for children, medical diets, pregnant women and “social consumption,” these imports “guarantee stability in the distribution for March and April.”

The figures weren’t released immediately, but it was striking to begin with that, among the imported products, are 500 tons coming from the United States, “by virtue of the exceptions established by that Government to sell certain products to the Island, through immediate payment and in cash.” Although the authorities have recognized that they are allowed to buy certain products from the U.S., denouncing at the same time that the conditions are anomalous in international trade, they rarely refer to a specific acquisition through the exemptions from the embargo, in force since 2001.

The other contracts cited by the minister and disclosed by the official press consist of another 500 tons from Brazil, 245 tons from Canada and 600 tons from “other suppliers.”

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