Tawdry backstabbing extravaganza! Cuban military defector reveals details about Raul Castro’s family

“El Tuerto” caresses the head of his nephew “El Cangrejo”

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Surprise! Life ain’t no picnic for the Raul Castro clan. According to an ex-military officer who claims to know the intimate details, family life in the Castro-Espín clan resembles a tawdry telenovela full of betrayals, deep distrust, envy, spying, and all-encompassing nastiness. Whether or not his stories are true, the fact remains that they ring true, given the character of the Castro clan.

The juiciest tidbit in the turncoat’s gossip-fest is the claim that “El Tuerto” stole “El Cangrejo’s” girlfriend. Yes, in case you’re unfamiliar with those nicknames, Raul Castro’s son Alejandro snatched a girlfriend out of his own nephew’s arms, the very same nephew who serves as Raul Castro’s bodyguard. Complicated, for sure. Stay tuned. There’s no telling what else will show up in future episodes of this telenovela.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

A Cuban military officer has betrayed Raúl Castro and exclusively leaked to influencer Darwin Santana several secret details about the Castro Espín family, revealing disloyalty, envy, fear, paranoia, and rivalry among the members of the “blue blood” elite.

According to the informant, Alejandro Castro Espín, known as “El Tuerto” (The One-Eyed), son of Raúl Castro and Vilma Espín, has three children: Raúl Alejandro Castro Calis and Fidel Ernesto Carlos Calí, both with his first wife named Marieta Calis Laus Surica.

The narrative becomes more complicated with the inclusion of Ana Elia Rueda, a journalist who reportedly had a romance with “El Tuerto,” thus betraying her original boyfriend, “El Cangrejo” (The Crab), Raúl Castro’s grandson, through his daughter Déborah Castro with the late General Luis Alberto López Callejas. This entanglement not only exposes personal relationships within the family but also suggests a backdrop of surveillance and espionage, with over 5,000 recordings of conversations with opponents and military personnel.

The story extends beyond Cuban borders, reaching the United States, where Meuris G. Rueda Cordero, sister-in-law of Alejandro Castro Espín, currently resides. This detail adds an international dimension to the drama, hinting at possible political and social implications for both Cuba and the Cuban diaspora in the United States.

It turns out that this girl used to attend all the family parties, and what “El Cangrejo” didn’t know was that “El Tuerto” had his eye on her, ultimately betraying “El Cangrejo” with none other than “El Tuerto.”

As expected, “El Tuerto” stole “El Cangrejo’s” girlfriend, messed with his nephew, but despite that, they also had a daughter. The informant also provides information that Alejandro Castro Espín is currently living at 214th Street, number 1117, in Atabey, Havana.

Darwin Santana insists on calling out Cuban military personnel to see that “if Raúl Castro is capable of undermining his own son, imagine what he could do to you, who are nobody. They will tear you apart. Just steal something and get caught, they’ll tear you apart. These people have no loyalty, not even to their own family.”

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