Island-wide power outages announced in Cuba

The Cuban dictatorship on Sunday warned residents to expect power outages across the island due to the regime’s inability to produce enough electricity to meet demand. Fuel shortages and generators broken down due to lack of maintenance by the communist regime are once again leaving the Cuban people in the dark. This is socialism in action.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Massive power outages across Cuba announced

The Cuban Electric Union (UNE) announced massive power outages this Sunday on the island due to a generation deficit of almost one-third of the demand during peak hours.

In an informational note, the entity stated that “an availability of 2095 MW is estimated for peak hours with a maximum demand of 3000 MW, resulting in a deficit of 905 MW. Therefore, if the predicted conditions persist, an impact of 975 MW is forecasted during this period.”

Currently, the Unit 5 of the Mariel Thermal Power Plant (CTE), Unit 3 of the Havana CTE, and Unit 2 of the Felton CTE are out of service due to breakdowns, while Unit 8 of the Mariel CTE, the unit at Guiteras CTE, and Unit 6 of the Nuevitas CTE are under maintenance, as detailed by the UNE.

Additionally, 95 distributed generation plants and the Santiago de Cuba barge are out of service due to fuel shortages, totaling 735 MW. Furthermore, there are 14 plants with low coverage (110 MW).

This week, there has been commotion in Cuba due to increased power outages, with reports indicating that people spend most of the day without electricity.

The regime announced that the Antonio Guiteras Thermal Power Plant would be disconnected from the national power system starting Wednesday, February 28, for a period of 17 days for maintenance tasks.

The UNE also halted operations at the Nuevitas thermal power plant in Camagüey to carry out “planned maintenance” that will last until April.

According to information provided by the official journalist Bernardo Espinosa on his Facebook account, “work is being carried out in 24-hour shifts, seven days a week, to expedite the intervention. The goal is to restore 100 MW of generation in that machine before the end of April.”

Afterwards, several territories such as Villa Clara promised not to extend power outages beyond 12 hours a day after the Antonio Guiteras Thermal Power Plant exited the National Electric System (SEN). However, Cubans claim that they do not even have time to charge their phones between one outage and the next.

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