Fidel Castro monument set ablaze in Cuba

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Yes, this is shocking. It’s very shocking that during the past 65 years so few monuments, billboards, or images of Fidel have met the same fate. Those responsible for this, if caught, will pay dearly for their act of desecration. Nonetheless, despite the high price attached to such acts of defiance, the natives are growing increasingly restless.

Cubans on social media have been commenting, and it’s great to see that many are joking about it. As one jokester put it: “Hey, we need to light up during the blackouts!”

Abridged and loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

An image of dictator Fidel Castro Ruz went up in flames after outraged Cubans decided to express their discontent with the regime.

It happened in the province of Cienfuegos, in western Cuba, and the video of a few seconds shows how the flames consume the image of the tyrant.

In the communist island, as in all nations that have implemented that totalitarian regime, the cult of personality is common, and this image is a reflection of it.

Information shared through social networks confirms that this giant poster could have cost the regime several thousand dollars, even in the misery that all Cubans live in.

The paradox probably comes later, when the regime’s disinformation media will likely accuse “foreign individuals” or “mercenaries” of something similar.

The truth is that Cubans, whether through a post on social networks, a meme, a poster, or a protest, are already letting the tyranny know the level of discontent that exists.

“In body and in effigy, it ends in ashes, clearer than water… confirms our faith in God,” wrote Facebook user Raul Suarez.

Let’s wait for the dictatorship’s reaction, and let’s not be surprised by a report talking about a “lightning strike” or even an “accident,” as some internet users on the planet Internet are already joking.

“Hey, we need to light up during the blackouts!” joked another person, while the boots of the Walking Ashtray burned before the eyes of the world.

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  1. This was a very dangerous act. The fact anybody would risk the potential consequences must mean people are getting pushed to the end of their rope and beyond fed up with the abysmal failure of the “revolution.”

    And of course, the Bearded Bastard was depicted in costume. May all such images meet a similar fate.

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