Cuban dictatorship threatens to confiscate vehicles of taxi drivers who raise fares to cope with 500% fuel price increase

No fare increases for you, peasants!

From our Bureau of Socialist Solutions to Massive Price Increases with some assistance from our Bureau of Clever Ways of Eliminating Private Enterprise

This makes sense. Sure. Apparently, Castro, Inc. wants to do away with self-employed taxi drivers and it has found a perfect way to wipe them out of existence very quickly. Sheer genius. Evil genius. Raise fuel prices 500% and then prevent taxi drivers from raising their rates. Castro, Inc.’s Manuel “El Barrigón” Marrero has made it clear: “raise your rates and we will cancel your license and confiscate your vehicle.” How nice. Let’s see how long it takes for all private taxis to disappear.

Abridged and loosely translated from CiberCuba

Cuban Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, threatened to revoke the license and even the vehicles of anyone who raises transportation service prices.

During a Council of Ministers meeting held this week, Marrero Cruz emphasized the responsibility of local governments to enforce established regulations and issued very concrete threats that exacerbate the situation.

“We have to meet with all economic actors, in this case, the transporters, whether state-owned or private, and make it clear what the established prices are and demand… and those who violate them must be dealt with severely and according to what is established, the appropriate measures,” said the Cuban official.

“We have to revoke the license, and if it is repeated and if it is appropriate and decided by the courts of the justice system, even the vehicles must be taken away, but we cannot allow these abuses and price increases that are not justified based on the current situation of fuel, which is true that it is scarce, true that it increases in price, but other decisions have been made to prevent these increases that sometimes do not have justification,” he added.

The announcement has sparked controversy on social media, with many internet users opining that the government will not be able to control prices, among other things because they do not have an efficient inspector system that can curb the rise.

It is the second time in a few days that the Cuban government has threatened the private transportation sector with possible price increases.

On March 1st, during a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Transport from across the country, Manuel Marrero urged to eliminate “leniency” in the face of price increases and announced a Crusade against boteros who raise service fees to the population.

“The increase in prices to the population by private transporters is a distortion that must be corrected,” Marrero Cruz stated, calling on the Ministry of Transport and provincial and municipal administrations to monitor compliance with established tariffs.

The government argues that preserving wholesale prices in fuel for private transporters should prevent the increase in value in the services they offer to the population.

“We would like more private transporters to join, but we will not allow absurd prices to be applied,” declared the Prime Minister.

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  1. I totally agree with Marrero Cruz. Confiscate the taxis if they increase fares. Likewise, confiscate the government if they raise the price of gasoline. As the English say, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. The government can’t be allowed to violate communist principals. Take to the street defenders of the revolution.

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