Happy #85 Octavio ‘Cookie’ Rojas

Octavio Victor (Rivas) Rojas was born on March 6, 1939, in Havana, Cuba. According to The Society of Baseball Research, his mother gave him the Spanish nickname “Cuqui,” meaning charming or adorable, when he was young.   Eventually “Cuqui” became “Cookie” when he got to major league baseball.   

Rojas played 4 seasons in the Cuban winter league.  He won the last batting title (.322) of the Cuban winter league, 1960-61.

Rojas broke with the Reds in 1962 but was traded to the Phillies.   In 1964, Rojas was at shortstop when Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game on Father’s Day. In 1965, Rojas made the NL All Star team, hit .303 and got many votes for the NL MVP award that year.   He spent the rest of the 1960’s with Philadelphia.

In 1970, Rojas got a second chance with the expansion Kansas City Royals.   He became a team leader and one of the most popular Royals ever.  He represented the Royals in the AL All-Star Game four consecutive years, 1971-74.

He retired as a Royal in 1977 with a .263 career batting average, 1,660 hits and a reputation for being a great influence with young players in the clubhouse.

In the 1980s, Rojas was named the 29th most popular Royal ever.

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  1. Octavio Rojas tambien fue el manager de los Florida Marlins por un juego en 1996 y el equipo gano ese juego. Cookie Rojas tambien fue el manager de los California Angels en 1988 y termino con record de 75-79. Su record de por vida como manager en Las Ligas Mayores fue 76-79

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