The woke goes after ‘the kiss’

We’ve all been treated to a parade of “The Woke Gang” – Biden’s appointments before the U.S. Senate. Remember the people who believe that a man can get pregnant, who can’t calculate the cost of the Green New Deal, and the predictable list of historians who preach that western civilization is responsible for all of our problems. Where does Biden find these people? Does he even know who is running the bureaucracy in his name?

The Woke Gang shoots again and the famous Times Square “kiss” is the latest target. This is an incredible story but woke is incredibly stupid:

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough is overruling plans to ban the famous Times Square kiss photo marking the end of World War II from all department health care facilities, a move criticized as political correctness run amok.

The ban was announced internally at VA medical facilities late last month in a memo from RimaAnn Nelson, the Veterans Health Administration’s top operations official. Employees were instructed to “promptly” remove any depictions of the famous photo and replace it with imagery deemed more appropriate.

Yes, thankfully it was reversed, but how does something like happen in the first place? Who thinks that such a photo offends anyone, especially a veteran? The famous kiss photo brought the end of World War II for most people. It recalls two young people celebrating the end of that conflict.

The media will not ask President Biden about this, in part because he does not take questions. Someone in the Biden administration has to explain how this mindset is tolerated in a veterans’ office.

The good news is that the kiss is back in, but someone in the VA should be thrown out.

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