‘President’ Díaz-Canel says ‘anti-Cuban subversive platforms’ lying about high number of femicides in Cuba

Cuban women in Madrid, Spain, call attention to femicides in Cuba, 8 March 2024

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No complaining allowed. Socialist rule number one. Do NOT dare to say anything is wrong. Everything is beautiful. So, don’t listen to these malcontents who call attention to the high number of Cuban being murdered. When these paid agents of the CIA report that eleven Cuban women have been murdered thus far in 2024, or that 89 were murdered last year, don’t believe them. Liars, all of them. Happy International Women’s Day, by the way.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Cuban dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel considered on Friday that media outlets denouncing gender violence in Cuba are “anti-Cuban subversive platforms” and denied that femicides occur on the island.

“The anti-Cuban subversive platforms try to impose the idea that femicide exists in Cuba, a term that suggests alleged state inaction in the face of gender-based violence. We can assert here categorically that this is a media construction completely alien to Cuban reality. There can be no impunity in Cuba, much less in the face of crimes motivated by any kind of discrimination and, above all, against women,” said the president at a celebration event for International Women’s Day at the Palacio de Convenciones in Havana.

This week, the feminist platform Yo Sí Te Creo en Cuba (YSTCC) and the Alas Tensas Gender Observatory (OGAT) reported that throughout 2023, they verified at least 89 femicides that occurred on the island.

“It is the year where we have registered the most cases, and it is important to say that this is an underreporting because we do not have the human or material resources to cover all the gender violence that occurs in Cuba, especially with the concealment of data by the government,” explained Yanelys Núñez, coordinator of OGAT, during the presentation of the annual report held on Thursday.

A day later, Díaz-Canel said that “the enemies of the Revolution use and manipulate figures conveniently and tendentiously” and praised the National Program for the Advancement of Women created under his leadership, as well as the laws for “confronting gender violence and all types of discrimination.”

He also mentioned that in 2023, Cuban courts sanctioned 61 individuals guilty of murdering women, specifying that in 93% of cases, the penalties exceeded 20 years, with five sentenced to life imprisonment.

In his opinion, violence against women “does not reach in Cuba the brutal expressions seen in other countries.”

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  1. Don’t expect foreign “feminists” to care. If they can ignore the barbaric savagery of Hamas against Jewish women, they can certainly ignore Cuban women. It’s not about women anyway; it’s about politics.

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