Purged Minister Alejandro Gil may be tied to Cuban smuggler arrested in Tampa

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Ha! It seems as if Castro, Inc. might have been getting scammed by one of its top ministers who has funnelled millions of dollars to the U.S. through a Cuban Yo-Yo. Better yet, it seems that those millions are now trapped in Tampa, after the arrest of his Yo-Yo mule. Of course, it remains to be seen if recently purged Minister Alejandro Gil was smuggling this money for himself or for Castro, Inc., or if he was merely taking a cut, but there is no denying that the Yo-Yo caught at the Tampa airport has confessed that she was working for Gil.

The Yo-Yo had travelled to Cuba 45 times in the past year, and was caught last month while trying to smuggle $100,000 in U.S. currency. This is why it doesn’t take any kind of expert to figure out that she must have brought millions of dollars that are now out of reach for Castro, Inc. Gil is being investigated for “corruption” by Castro, Inc.

Abridged and loosely translated from CubaNet

As it turns out, those who were persistently denied by the regime were always right when they pointed out Alejandro Gil as a “simulator” and “corrupt” ever since he appeared on the political scene of the Island.

Alejandro Gil had participated in the March of the Torches on the night of January 27th. Days before, he had some interventions on the television program Mesa Redonda. However, on February 2nd, he was surprisingly dismissed, with no clear signs of punishment reported in the official press.

What happened then between the 2nd (the day of dismissal) and the 4th for the “simulator” Alejandro Gil to “place himself at the disposal” of whoever ordered his replacement in the position so quickly?

According to the same source consulted by CubaNet, the key to this new note published on the night of March 7th lies in a news story that began circulating on February 5th, which at that time did not seem to be related to Alejandro Gil; not until days later when the opposite was discovered. Then its publication in X makes more sense because, knowing what was about to explode, he “placed himself at the disposal,” or simply played a bad simulation move.

Between February 5th and 7th, several media outlets in Florida, United States, echoed the arrest of a Cuban accused of trafficking dollars from Cuba in quantities far exceeding the limit established for travelers entering US territory.

According to the Federal Department of Justice, the woman, identified as Mirtza Ocaña Lara, a resident of Tampa who had arrived in the city on a flight from Havana, was caught trying to introduce the sum of $100,000 hidden both on her body and in her luggage, an operation that apparently became routine for her since, according to her travel records, she had visited the Island about 45 times in less than a year.

Although Mirtza Ocaña was later released on bail, the source consulted by CubaNet asserts that the investigation continues, even with some collaboration with Cuban authorities, since Ocaña repeatedly stated in her declaration that she worked for Alejandro Gil and that during 2023 she had carried out several similar operations of trafficking dollars extracted from Cuba.

The total amount of trafficked dollars has not yet been disclosed, but judging by the number of trips, one can already have an idea of how serious the situation is for the former Minister of Economy (the same one who kept repeating about the “lack of liquidity” and the “uselessness of cash”), more than for his partner in Tampa, who only on September 13th, 2023, registered a company in Florida, named Ocana&Paradise, LLC, probably funded by her boss in Cuba, as part of a larger plan that we might learn about at some point, if yesterday’s notes were to be joined by other “official statements” less hostile to the truth.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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