Food shortages force Cubans to resort to eating cat meat

The food shortages in communist Cuba have gotten so bad that Cubans in Guantanamo are now buying cat meat on the black market in order to get some protein. The lack of milk, bread, meat, along with shortages of medicine and basic items caused by the socialist regime, have sunk Cubans into a desperation where they will even eat cats in order to survive.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

The hunting and sale of cat meat in Guantanamo denounced

In an article published on Thursday, the Food Monitor Program reported that in Cuba’s black market, specifically in Guantánamo, cat meat is being sold to be consumed by people.

The program shared the testimony of Dairon (identity protected), who has been selling this “strange food” to people in the eastern city for years.

Facing the crisis in the country, in addition to having something to eat, people believe that the soup made from the animal’s head “has the power to cure neurological diseases and arthritis.”

“Everyone has a story; a grandmother or an aunt who got sick one day and improved with a cat soup. This is a miraculous recipe,” said the aforementioned source.

The Food Monitor Program acknowledged that in recent days, there have been common posts on social media about the sale of this meat in Facebook groups like “Revolico Guantánamo.”

This, they explain, “recalls the dark stories of food during the Special Period in Cuba. Cat meat and its consumers are a reflection of the food shortages suffered by the Cuban people and the alternatives to hunger. This desperate measure, certainly, is part of a complex social phenomenon and, far from being a solution, generates major problems.”

Meanwhile, Dairon stated: “No one is going to stop the sale of cat meat, for many, it’s just another option on the table and they have to take it if they want to have a main dish in their meal or help a sick family member. If the State doesn’t provide more solutions, people have to deal with what they have.”

“It remains to be seen how the authorities and the citizens respond to these events in the province of Guantánamo. Although everything seems to indicate that, even with the intervention of authorities, this type of illegal and inhumane activity is far from ending,” concludes the report.

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  1. Not only is it cruel to eat cats and unsavory [cats are mostly muscle], it’s very unhealthy. I forget the name of the disease you can get if you eat a cat, but it can kill you. Ordinary Cubans are not very intelligent it appears.

  2. I can see it now: some usual media suspect spins this story as a creative response to food shortages, which also has the benefit of reducing the stray cat population. But, it will never be seen as a sign of failure.

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