Unstoppable inflation in Cuba: Pork selling for $42 to $50 a pound

Closed butcher shop in Havana

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice Economics

Imagine spending nearly all of your monthly income on one pound of pork. That’s the harsh reality in Castrogonia right now. Forget about having a pig roast. Forget even a single pork chop. This is socialism in action. Oh, of course, the fat oligarchs who can afford pork will probably pay much less — if anything — and blame these prices on the “blockade.”

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

Inflation continues its galloping pace in Cuba, mainly affecting food items whose domestic production has plummeted to extremely low levels. Such is the case with pork, a staple in the Cuban diet, with a pound of steak now being priced at over 1,000 Cuban pesos (CUP), [$42 USD] according to a list published by the independent media outlet El Toque after collecting prices from various supply and demand markets in Havana.

The average value of a pound of “clean” steak cut is 1,047 CUP, but traders can ask for up to 1,200 CUP [$50 USD] depending on product availability or the location of sale. The figure is particularly alarming considering that the minimum wage in Cuba is 2,100 CUP, and 70% of Cuban retirees receive only 1,528 CUP per month.

While the average Cuban faces the high cost of living, Communist Party leaders and the government live lavishly at the expense of corruption.

Recently, Miguel Díaz-Canel himself confirmed that former Minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil Fernández, had made “serious mistakes” in the performance of his duties and was linked to behaviors such as corruption and insensitivity.

On the other hand, a detailed report published on the YouTube channel Mills for Freedom reveals an extensive and complex corruption scheme in the province of Cienfuegos, involving Governor Alexander Corona Quintero, who was previously convicted of corruption when he served as an official in Military Counterintelligence (CIM).

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