Russian politician-businessman launches new brand of Cuban rum

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From our Russification of Cuba Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Twenty-first Century Neocolonialism

Boris Titov, close ally of Czar Vlad the Invader, architect of Cubastroika, and president of the Russia-Cuba Business Council will be bottling and selling Cuban rum through his Russian liquor company Abrau-Durso. The first steps of the rum-making process will take place in Cuba, and the distillate will be shipped to Russia, where it will be filtered, diluted with water and bottled. Yet another chapter in the re-colonization of Cuba by Russia.

You can be sure that Titov has struck a deal favorable to himself AND to Castro, Inc. Profits guaranteed to both parties in this deal.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Russia launched the first production of original Cuban rum,” reported the official agency Prensa Latina this Tuesday, referring to the release of the Danza del Fuego brand in the Eurasian nation, a white rum endorsed by the state-owned Cuba Ron S.A., and marketed by Abrau-Durso, the main producer of sparkling wines in the Russian Federation.

According to the report, most of the rum production process takes place in Cuba, where the fermentation of sugarcane molasses, distillation, aging in oak barrels, and alcohol blending occur.

The final stage of the production cycle is handled by Abrau-Durso, which is responsible for transporting the ready-made rum distillates to Russia. At the company’s facilities located in the city of Loza, they dilute it with water to 40%, filter it, and bottle it.

Prensa Latina assures that “the tradition of rum production is a national heritage of Cuba. It is under strict government control, confirmed by a special green quality mark placed on each bottle of the beverage.”

Therefore, after “a cooperation agreement with its main manufacturer, the state company Corporación Cuba Ron S.A.,” the report adds, and “after the necessary certification, Abrau-Durso was allowed to place this mark on Danza del Fuego rum, guaranteeing its originality and authenticity.”

But how did the Cuban regime hand over such an important heritage to Russia? One detail of the business overlooked by Prensa Latina is that the owner of Abrau-Durso is the politician and businessman Boris Titov, appointed by Vladimir Putin between 2012 and 2022 to protect the rights of Russian entrepreneurs, and who now serves as president of the Russia-Cuba Business Council, entrusted with reforming the Island’s economy, or “Cubastroika.”

Due to the official functions of the senior Russian official, his son Pavel Titov currently heads the company.

Following one of his numerous trips to Cuba in the last 15 months, Boris Titov had announced in 2023 that he was working on contracts to establish a business that would increase the supply of Cuban rum in Russia.

In statements to the Russian news agency Interfax, he revealed that the agreements involve increasing the supply of Cuban rum to Russia and also the production of special varieties of this beverage by Russian and Cuban producers.

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